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Toyota 4Runner Battery Replacement Guide With Instructions, How to Change and Install a New Battery in a Toyota 4Runner SUV Truck. I can probably squeeze a little bit more out of the die hard but I rather be safe and just replace it. I did looked at the blue optima while I was at Costco today and they wanted like $154 for it.. Once you join you'll be able to post messages, upload pictures of your 4Runner, and have a great time with other 4Runner fans.

I'm surprised you only got 2 or 3 years on your OEM Panasonic; most of us got six to eight years on those bad boys.
My Panasonic died in late '06 (I also have a '99) and the buzz in here and elsewhere was 100% positive on the Optima's and that's what I bought. After consulting everyone hear and taking into account budget and all I went with the DieHard Platinum.
Since then, production was moved to Mexico and the buzz moved South as fast as the factory did.

Against better judgement went with optima yellow top - hoping I'd get a good one, Auto Zone had them for a great price. My (one of the last) US built Optima weathered a 100% discharge (door not closed for a week) and came back fine.

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