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USED AUTO BATTERY SCRAP from EMMA TRADE HOLDINGS B2B marketplace portal & Cameroon product wholesale. Scrap car batteries and scrap truck batteries are a great source for recycling to scrap dealers for money. Pit Stop Tyres offer battery recycling solutions for businesses, government, and households to better service environmentally conscious consumers, and satisfy compliance with government regulations.

Pit Stop Tyres are committed to help advance a cleaner sustainable environment for present and future generations through the vital role we play in the recycling process. Current and former traders, brokers, owners, and operators have come together to form a revolutionary product that sympathizes with the everyday frustrations of buying and selling metal. If you have any scrap car batteries that don’t work anymore and want to make some cash for scrap car batteries you should consider contacting your local scrap dealers and ask them for up to date pricing on car batteries.

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