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Nissan, the leading manufacturer of electric vehicles, is considering stopping production of batteries at its UK and US sites. Information Assurance PractitionerWould you like to join a world class defence organisation and develop your skills in Information Assurance? Consultant Engineer - Information AssuranceWould you like to have a strategic influence on the development of Information Assurance (IA) policies for a national nuclear deterrence programme? Software Engineer Would you like a role which enables you to make a difference to people on the frontline?
As a Software Engineer, you will be investigating how technology and data can be used to optimise the services we provide to our clients, including the Royal Navy, and will include unique pieces of equipment at the forefront of innovation.

Nikon Metrology is looking for an Electronics Engineer to join our Electronics Team based in Tring (UK).
As a Qualified Electrician, you know what it takes to complete electrical work to exceptional standards of safety and quality. Models were manufactured in Japan from 1991 onwards, many have now been imported into Australasia and the United Kingdom.
NATS provides air traffic control from centres at Swanwick, Hampshire and Prestwick, Ayrshire. In the early nineties, Nissan produced a version with the turbocharged SR20DET to carry people very rapidly.

Full-Auto (full time) 4WD versions were also produced providing greater stability and better handling. A variety of other engines were used over the years, including diesels specifically the CD20 (for commercial van version) and the CD20T 1973 cc Diesel Turbo for people movers.

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