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We are still working to obtain content for your car, however the video above is believed to have similar characteristics as your car.
A check engine light can be cleared with a simple fix or it could be a major problem - find out now! Quickly and easily install a 4-way trailer connector on your vehicle with this custom wiring harness.
Today we're going to be taking a look at the tow ready T-One vehicle wiring harness with a 4-pole flat trailer connector.
You do not have to worry about cutting or splicing any wires for the complete installation.
I was readying my Town and Country Mini Van for a move to Washington State and need a trailer wiring harness. Contrary to instructions, it is possible to route the plug outside the vehicle through an access hole in the floor, down around the donut tire to the hitch.
I would like to see the mfg add about 6-12" length to that section of wiring to make it just a touch easier to route to the outside if desired.
I have a 2003 durango first time I ordered from this company was a little reluctant to install myself but the video was very good on you tube and was happy with the way it came out glad I decided to do myself and not go to a trailer company again. With the help of your installation video, this wiring harness took me about 15 minutes to install on my son's 2002 Dodge Durango (would have taken less but had trouble getting the dirty existing connectors apart). The T-One wiring harness part# 118334 for my 2001 Dodge Durango was easy to install and is exacty what I needed to hook up lights to my trailer and it works perfectly.
Went to wire in a flat 4 pin connector (old school) on a Dodge Durango and the tail, turn, and brake light wires are separate wires.
T-Harness Fitment Harness hook-up was pretty simple, but the wires from left tail light to junction box were too short to locate inside jack storage box as directed. When you happen to be out somewhere in your VW Beetle, Jetta, Golf of any other Vdub, knowing how to change a fuse is something important you should learn how to do, to ensure that your car remains in perfect condition.
You should use a list of fuses to find out which fuse belong with each component and allow you to isolate the one that is not working. Hi, I am looking for the Fuse Card Diagram for the Polo 2007 Trendline… Please can someone help?
E-cigarettes are battery-powered synthetic or steel tubes containing a liquid nicotine solution whenever heated produces vapors a smoker can inhale.
I was driving this morning car ran fine then just cut out – tried to start it -it swung over once engine had no power(sounded like it was running on 2 cylinders) then died again and would restart. Headlights grow dimmer by up to 20% over time and eventually burn out - for this reason, we recommend changing your headlights in pairs.

T-One connector plugs directly into existing wiring - no cutting, splicing or tapping required.
You will have to remove the tail light assemblies to access this harness.Once installation is complete, the 4-way flat connector will be stowed either in the jack storage compartment of your rear cargo area or beneath your vehicle, near the trailer hitch. This product is going to fit your 1996 to 2000 Dodge Caravan, Grand Caravan, Plymouth Voyager, Grand Voyager, and Chrysler Town and Country. The minivan instructions are silent on how to route the wire connecting the left- and right-side tail light connectors. Takes a slight modification to the hole followed by replacing the rubber plug followed by some sealer. The "Hopkins Quick-Install Trailer Connector Adapter 4-way flat to 7 blade HM47200" and the "T-1 Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4 Pole Flat Trailer Connector 118334" were the perfect combination for the quick, simple and successful installation on my 2001 Dodge Durango. The instructions available at the website (and included with the part) were complete and concise. This is a must have product to properly wire in separate turn and brake lights wires into one wire connection on the flat 4 pin and maintain use of both lights. Wiring harness installation was absolutely painless, especially because of their YouTube video tutorial. The fuses are connected to various components in your car such as the lights, hooter, or cigarette lighter. Changing both headlight bulbs on your Liberty at the same time will allow both bulbs to have the same intensity and prevent the new headlight bulb from appearing brighter than the bulb on the opposite side. I had expected to go under or through the frame, but saw no way to do this, and the instructions did not help.
Along with the great products "etrailer" provided helpful information on their website, and fast shipping!
The DRIVERS side easy as pie was able to do in 15 minuets it just like the instructions stated. Barely reach inside rear "door" to attach on molded plastic trim without getting hit by "door" when it closes. You then have to replace this one with a new fuse of the same amperage and you are all set. In some Jeeps, the highbeam is the same bulb as the headlight and it is possible for the highbeam to work, but the headlight be burnt out even if they are the same bulb (and vise versa). Because most trailers run on a two-wire system - wherein the brake and turn signals are carried on one wire - the separate brake and turn signals from your vehicle's three-wire system need to be combined so they are compatible with the wiring system of your trailer. It's going to give you that 4-way flat trailer connector at the back of your vehicle to power your trailer signal lights.

All you've got to do is peel that double-sided tape off, peel that adhesive backing off of the double-sided tape, and then stick it to a nice clean surface. I finally decided just to route the wire inside the lower part of the hatch opening, around the outer edge of the weatherseal.
Then you should remove the cover by pressing the two buttons you see and sliding the cover in the direction of the arrows.
Replace the cover making sure that the 4 lugs on the inside engage correctly and connect properly. Some Jeeps have high intensity discharge headlights, sometimes referred to as xenon lights.
The tail light converter combines the brake and turn signal functions of your automobile so that they run on one wire to properly activate your trailer's tail lights.
Once you have those plugged in, you can secure any excess wire that you want or any slack that you may have with the included zip ties. They do recommend locating it maybe in your spare tire compartment or another out of the way area. I then pulled the slack out of it to draw it against the metal lip that holds the weatherseal.
We have planned the trip for next week so I can not give a review on performance as of yet.
Out of the whole harness that I spent $39.94 on, I ended up cutting of the connector protector cap and using it on my new one. These bulbs have a very high voltage that runs through them, even if the battery is disconnected.
Not a hard deal but might be daunting to a car newbie figuring out how to R&R interior molding and panels. If your Liberty has this type of bulb, we do not recommend that you attempt to change it yourself.When you change the headlight on your Liberty, it is important to not touch the glass part of the bulb with your fingers because the oil from your fingertips will cause that part of the bulb to burn hotter, which significantly shortens the life of the bulb. We're always going to recommend that you use a small amount of dielectric grease on all electrical connections to prevent any type of corrosion from being able to settle in.

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