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Well, you know how this goes - he had two friends that did have traction battery failure early on 2008 models.
The closest thing I could think of is cleaning out the fan that cools the traction battery.
I have to say I've spent the last couple hours back here on Prius Chat roaming around, and am amazed (again) at the care the members take to help each other out.
Thanks RreydNot for posting the pic of the traction battery, it's easy to see no way to flush. I will be taking my Prius 08 in for oil change and will probably have transaxle fluid changed again (would be just short of 70,000 since last change). Hi jpk, I imagine that they were referring to the cleaning (possibly blowing out with compressed air) of the cooling ducts for the HV battery.
The Honda Civic’s hybrid battery has had a tumultuous history.  As the Civic’s battery pack ages, it has shown life expectancy problems that have been well publicized. The first one is: how old is the vehicle?  An older model with high mileage is a different case than a more recent model with typical mileage. While vehicle age, operating conditions and performance factors are always important, sometimes your plan for the vehicle takes precedence over everything else.  If your window of ownership is short, it doesn’t make economic sense to invest heavily in a battery problem resolution. Once you take all the aforementioned factors into consideration, it makes it easier to determine the best choice in dealing with your battery situation. From our experience, the potential of refurbishing or conditioning Honda Civic packs without some component replacement are relatively low simply because of the variety of problems the Honda Civic packs are experiencing and the failure modes they’re exhibiting. When we look at the rebuild versus replace option, there is one other significant consideration with the later Honda models  – 2005 and newer– a required reflash of the vehicle’s control module. So , reflash concerns  may lead a customer more towards a rebuild because the rebuild does not require a reflash of the control module.
If you have any questions please post them in the comment section below or just click the bottom below to get an immediate quote on servicing your Hybrid Vehicle.

The email address entered is already associated to an account.Login to post Please use English characters only. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. There have been reports from pet owners that the fan clogs up with pet hair and the battery can overheat which can shorten its life. Many of us here recommend cleaning the battery cooling system as part of routine maintenance, especially if you carry dogs in the back seat.
So when you start looking at the options available to deal with its life expectancy challenges- namely: replace, rebuild, or recondition the battery, there are a number of considerations that come into play. Older vehicles with higher mileage make it more difficult to justify costly solutions when the remaining utility of the vehicle is likely short lived. All highway mileage in a temperate climate with little elevation change is drastically different than extreme temperatures,  short haul driving in mountainous terrain.
The longer your ownership horizon is, the wider your options are because the cost can be spread out over the length of time the vehicle remains in service.
A shorter ownership period with a high mileage vehicle may warrant the least expensive alternative. We are seeing modules within the Civic battery pack assembly that are coming to end of their life in ways that will result in repeat failure if they’re  simply conditioned. The rebuild process then again comes into question, specifically – how is the battery going to be rebuilt? Aside from the gearshift lever I had replaced quite a while back, it's been a great car. I am checking now to see EXACTLY what he had done to his '08, but I know it had to do with traction battery. Not a bad idea to replace sparkplugs usually at 100,000 miles not so much as they need them but after going 100K in an aluminum head sometimes they get stuck and are really hard to get out and then if you have a fouled plug and can't get it out thats bad in a $$$$ way.

Conversely, a longer ownership period with a lower mileage vehicle may support the decision to invest heavily in a new battery.
That being said, that doesn’t mean all of them are that way, it just means that a significant percentage of the ones we are seeing are experiencing failure due to the pack design. So if the Honda Civic owner is concerned with performance changes in their vehicle where the vehicle may not accelerate as well as it used to, then potentially putting a brand new battery in might not be the best option. Is it going to be rebuilt with used parts or is it going to be rebuilt using new aftermarket module assemblies?
I was well aware of recommendations to have the transaxle fluid changed - reading posts by Bob and Patrick and others a couple years ago and did have mine done early. So since they need to come out so they don't get stuck might as well replace them with new ones. If you decide to go the rebuild route, insist on getting specifics as to the process and components that go into the rebuild.
I had the transaxle fluid replaced at 70,000 (despite the Toyota Dealer saying I did not need to - took the advice offered on this board and had it done).
With 135,000 miles on my Prius, I would certainly have this proceedure done if it is merited.
Anyone have any info on this or know of problematic 2008 and other Gen II Prius with hybrid battery problems?
Only thing I know of that was recommended here was early flush for possible metal chips in transaxle fluid and to have that done around 70,000. We are going to get a new Prius shortly and keep this one for hubby commuting Houston to Ft.

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