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Following are some of the signs that indicate that your car battery is dead or has drained.
If the car does not start normally, but starts with a jump then you can be sure that the problem is with the battery. Now connect one terminal of the positive cable (mostly red) to the positive terminal of the reviving car and other end to the positive terminal of the dead battery. As for me, I decided to walked to the nearest car workshop where I always service my car and I gotta say they are good enough to help me revive my car within half an hour. PS: Dry Car Battery is cheaper and low maintenance but it will be very troublesome when you forgot to switch off your car lights, as it will end up as a real DEAD car battery.
Since my first visit to TOP 1 TYRE AND AUTO CAR SERVICE (Puchong Car Workshop), I am satisfied with the services provided and my Proton Iswara is doing well under their maintenance.
If you found your self with dead car batteries in the middle of the night, you can always call Ah Fatt from TOP 1 TYRE AND AUTO CAR SERVICE at 013- 391 5306 as he will do his best to save you being stranded in the middle of the night.TOP 1 TYRE AND AUTO CAR SERVICE main workshop guy called Ah Fatt (Along) has MLVK Tahap 1,2,3 certificate on fixing car. Freelance Blogger, Adventurous, Optimistic, Passion in Photography, Love Nature, Traveling, Fermentation & Technology.
Servicing Corvallis, Oregon and the surrounding area from the day we opened up shop back in 1974. An Israeli company says it has developed technology that can charge a mobile phone in a few seconds and an electric car in minutes, advances that could transform two of the world’s most dynamic consumer industries. Using nano-technology to synthesize artificial molecules, Tel Aviv-based StoreDot says it has developed a battery that can store a much higher charge more quickly, in effect acting like a super-dense sponge to soak up power and retain it.
While the prototype is currently far too bulky for a mobile phone, the company believes it will be ready by 2016 to market a slim battery that can absorb and deliver a day’s power for a smartphone in just 30 seconds. The company has raised $48 million from two rounds of funding, including backing from a leading mobile phone maker.

He hopes to use the same technology to create a car battery that recharges in two or three minutes, rather than current models which commonly need to be charged overnight.
Dion Wired and Incredible Connection are running birthday sales with big price cuts, Game is offering “Red Hot Buys”, and Makro has its usual weekly tech specials. Journalists are protesting against censorship at the SABC, with many calling for SABC COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng to step down. Your on your way to an important meeting, job interview or even a date and your car won't start.
Even my girlfriend know me so well that she will always remind me not to be a "Goldfish" that has only 30 seconds memory. For jump-starting a battery, you need a set of jumper cables and another car with a well charged battery. The other end of this cable should be connected to an unpainted metal surface in the engine block. But for this method you need someone to push your car while you try to start it and it will take several attempts to get the car running.
The charges is on average but it is definitely cheaper if compared with Puchong Car Workshop located around IOI Mall and Tesco Puchong. Nanodots alter the way a battery behaves to allow the rapid absorption and, critically, the retention of power. StoreDot has the potential to solve this real big problem,” said Zack Weisfeld, who has worked with and evaluated ventures in the mobile phone sector globally. A power cycle round refers to the number of times a battery can be re-charged in its lifetime.
Also, this method is not recommended and should be used only if no other option is available.

I did my car servicing at some of the car workshop before but it can easily cost me a few hundreds just by doing usual car maintenance (change Engine Oil & Filter).
Unfortunately, restarting a battery is not a one-man job so you won't be able to lone wolf it. They can take your car to a location where the battery can be recharged or replaced if it is really kaput. Another good tip is to ensure that the towing company is aware of the type of vehicle you have. Do not let them tow an all-wheel drive car with the rear wheels dragging — instead make sure to ask for a flat-bed on the phone. Pretty nifty right?Manufacturer's Roadside AssistanceIf you drive a newer vehicle that's still under warranty, chances are quite high that you qualify for roadside assistance provided by the manufacturer. All you need to jump-start a car is a set of jumper cables and another car (aka the "rescue" car) with a functional battery. Remember, never try to jump-start a car if its battery is cracked and is visibly leaking acid.
Now connect one end of the positive cables to the positive terminal on the "rescue" car's battery, and the other end to the positive terminal on the dead battery.

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