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Throughout the rest of this website you'll find in-depth articles describing in intricate detail how everything automotive works. If you're looking for TSB (Technical Service Bulletins) or wiring diagrams for your vehicle, BBB industries have access to most of them for free. While lurking on the Internet and collect the best tips for you, I tried to find the best online-resource with different wheels and tires.
This is something everyone can do - it's quick and easy and it'll tell you if your engine needs oil. Only choose superior car detailing supplies to keep your car's interior and exterior like new.
If you're going to do any work on your car involving the electrical system, disconnect the battery first.
When you indicate one way and the blinker flashes quicker than when you indicate the other way, it means one of the bulbs has blown. Most headlight bulbs now are filled with halogen and have special coatings on the outside of the glass. The electrical fault light.This warning light is different in every car but normally it looks like a picture of a battery, similar to the picture on the left here. Brake warning light 2If you've got an ABS-equipped car, you also have a second light - the ABS light. Another useful site with some more maintenance tips talks about 7 checks you should perform before the onset of winter - you can find that here: 7 vehicle checks you should perform before winter. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Important! Consult your vehicle's owner's manual and the product's manual before attempting an installation. Mounting brackets are plastic fittings that provide a hardware mounting point for 1 din dvd player and 2 din dvd player. Vehicles with complex dashboard layouts often require a complete replacement panel called a dash panel kit. Wiring harness adapters are required to install a car dvd player into a vehicle without cutting the factory wires. Prior to dash disassembly, choose a safe place to store the panel pieces you will remove to avoid scratches or other panel damage.
3) Determine which panel is underneath, or on top, or if the panels are fit together with hidden clips.
5) Wherever possible, use the manufacturer supplied dash kit or mounting bracket instructions that describe the specific steps to remove the dash panel. 6) Review the car dvd player product installation instructions for additional information about vehicle disassembly requirements, such as a GPS antenna for navigation receivers or satellite radio antenna. Carefully pry panels with plastic (non-scratching) pry tools after all hardware securing dash panels is removed. Many vehicles such as Toyota, Nissan, Kia, and Mitsubishi have factory Single-DIN or Double-DIN stereos with removable factory mounting brackets that easily attach to a new car dvd stereo.
Examples of Single-DIN and Double-DIN DVD player installing into a mounting bracket and securing with side-mounted hardware. Some mounting brackets with front panels may specify the DIN or Double-DIN mounting 'cage' install into the front panel opening of the bracket and then the car dvd player slides and locks into the cage.
Most vehicles with an irregularly shaped factory stereo or integrated dash panel require a vehicle specifc dash kit assembly to complete the car dvd player mounting.
With tools and installation accessories prepared, you are ready to connect the car dvd player.
Note: If a subwoofer amplifiers is used, use the 'SUB OUT' of the car dvd player unless you are using a low pass crossover already built into the amplifiers, in which case use the FRONT, REAR or NON-FADING (if equipped) preamp output to provide input signal to the subwoofer amplifiers. 5) If connecting an SWC adapter, connect the SWC adapter output to the back of car dvd player.
4) If using both front and rear speakers, check the fader front to rear and ensure it is working. 6) If a steering wheel control (SWC) adapter is installed, program the adapter according to the manufacturer's instructions. Review the car dvd player owner's manual for specific instructions on settings such as sound enhancement features, built-in crossovers, or subwoofer output settings. Once testing verifies proper car dvd player operation, finish mounting the car dvd player, and reassemble the dash area.
1) Install the car dvd player with brackets or dash kit assembly (if applicable), or slide the car dvd player into the supplied Single-DIN or Double-DIN bracket until it locks into place. 3) Reassemble any parts of the vehicle removed during the car dvd player installation including all dash panels and cosmetic trim. 4) Verify that all wiring is securely tied down with zip ties and routed away from moving parts or heat sources. For example I rarely travel at the speed limit and if the other three roads are patently free of traffic, I'll coast through a 4-way stop.
On this page, I've simplified all that knowledge into a series of basic car maintenance tips, subdivided by category. If you leave it too long, the combination of road grime, moisture and heat from your brakes will bake it on to your wheels. Most tyres come with tread wear bars built into them now - find one, examine it and if your tread is too low, replace your tyres.
Rubber perishes, more so in extreme conditions like those found in an operating engine bay. The page you're reading is free, but if you like what you see and feel you've learned something, a small donation to help pay down my car loan would be appreciated. Sportier cars have higher compression engines which generate more power and require higher octane fuel to prevent detonation. There are plenty of decent quality waxes and polishes on the market today and if the last time you waxed or polished your car was over a decade ago, things have changed considerably since then.
They don't damage the paint and are easy to move around and ultimately remove when the fad has passed. If your battery terminals or contacts aren't clean, you're making it more difficult for the current to pass around the electrical system.
An auto parts store will be able to tell you what sort of bulb you need to replace it with and your manual should show you how to get at the indicator bulbs - they're different on every car.
If you pick the bulb up by the glass with your fingers, you will leave trace amounts of oil and grease on the glass. This is a fault-registering system connected to sensors all over the car, engine, fuel and emissions system. If tightening the gas cap didn't do it, you'll need to find someone with an OBD2 diagnostics tool or reader. You'll see it come on and go off when you start your engine as part of the car's self-test, but if this light comes on and stays on, it means the electrical charging system is no longer working properly.
If this comes on it means that the level of coolant in your radiator is low and needs topping up.

Low oil pressure is serious and if you continue to drive with this light on, eventually your engine will die. Easy-install battery disconnect has a removable knob that lets you disable the battery and prevent power drain.
When installed between the negative battery terminal and negative battery cable, a simple rotation of the green dial effectively isolates and disconnects the battery from the electrical system on the vehicle. Follow these easy installation guidelines to ensure correct installation of your car dvd player.
In most cases, mounting brackets include cosmetic front panels to fit the car dvd player into the factory mounting location when it is larger than than the car dvd player's front panel dimensions. These kits allow the car dvd player to fit securely into a Single-DIN or Double-DIN opening and provide a factory-like fit and appearance. This step requires crimping or soldering to connect the car dvd unit's wiring harness to the wiring harness adapter. Installation is straightforward; however, always ensure you have the correct antenna adapter for the specific year, make, and model of your vehicle. Use the instructions supplied with the antenna adapter to identify the appropriate factory plug among the existing wiring. Once complete, the mounting bracket with car dvd player installs in the dash securing to factory mounting points similar to the factory stereo.
Matching the new car dvd player's faceplate to the factory panel Single-DIN or Double-DIN opening may require specifc mounting brackets and a cosmetic dash panel. Leave enough wire on the adapter so that the SWC module is accessible to validate programming once the car dvd player is powered up. Inspect any wiring or plugs in the testing process before permanently mounting the car dvd player. This means that (a)I'm honest and (b)I'm like 90% of other drivers even if they claim they never break any laws.
These tips apply to pretty much every car owner, from business fleet owners, to specialists like a limo service, to the weekend hobbyist. Brake dust normally clings to wheels with static electricity so a damp sponge and clean cold water is the best way to get it off.
Get your timing belt and accessory drive belt checked every 25,000 miles, preferably replacing it every 50,000 miles. To check the oil, park on level ground and wait until the engine has cooled down after driving, then locate the dipstick. Every engine is different but if you check your handbook you should find where the coolant reservoir is. The wax and polish compounds are far more sophisticated both in terms of protection from fading, the look of the finish, and the ease of application. If you leave it in the sun and the poop bakes on, you could end up with a dull spot in the paint.
Remove the terminal caps as described above and clean each contact post with a wire brush to get a nice clean metal contact surface. When the bulb is used, that area of the glass will get hotter than the rest and it will eventually cause the bulb to crack. P0440 is the code for Evaporative Emission Control System Malfunction which covers a multitude of sins. On some cars it's as simple as counting miles before it comes on, whilst on others it maps engine temperatures, oil temperatures, air temperatures and other indicators of probable stress to tell you when it might be time for new oil or a service. Low oil pressure can be caused by a failed oil pump, a blocked oil filter or strainer in the sump, or by low oil levels - for example if your engine is burning oil. Mounting brackets and front panels are usually black in color and constructed of high-impact ABS plastic. Dash panel kits are generally constructed of the same plastics as the factory panels and finished in a matching color and texture. To integrate more complex vehicle electronics, such as a factory amplifier, some wiring harness adapters include an interface (small box with electronics inside).
This may require disassembly of one or more surrounding panels before you can remove the main factory stereo panel. These accessory brackets often combine side mounting tabs with a front panel assembly to mount the supplied rectangular Single-DIN or Double-DIN bracket into the oversized dash opening and provide the necessary support for the car dvd player. Major recalls normally result in owners being contacted, but minor ones get done each time a vehicle is taken to a main network dealer. Pull it out and wipe it clean, then push it all the way back in until the top of it is seated properly in the dip tube again. It will normally be bolted to one side of the engine bay or the other, and be a white semi-transparent bottle. If you need to take the battery out, you can now take off the positive connector.Why negative then positive? If the cellphone is plugged into the charger, you can use it indefinitely, but when you disconnect it from the charger, there's a limited amount of time before your battery runs out.
The brake warning light doesn't have a standard meaning; it could be used for multiple purposes. It could be something as simple as dirt in one of the sensors, or something as costly as an entire ABS unit replacement. The coolant system is pressurised and it could easily release pressure and spray you with boiling coolant. Mounting brackets are specifc to vehicle brands and, in some cases, the year, model, and factory options. Dash panel kits are s specific to the vehicle year, make, model, and interior color or trim package. Be sure to follow the directions included with the wiring harness adapter and car dvd installation instructions. Speed isn't killing me or slaughtering the women, children and babies of every driver near me (like everyone nowadays seems to think it will).
There are simple things that you can do on your own like being able to -->use a silicone lubricant to protect your car from rusting. TSBs are the bulletins sent to the dealer networks containing info on known bugs and issues with all makes and models that need to be rectified when the vehicles come in. Wait until your engine is cool and take a look at it - the outside should have 'low' and 'high' markings on it and the level of coolant inside should be between the two.Do not take the radiator cap off to check coolant levels. If you disconnect the positive side of the battery first, the negative side is still connected to the entire car.
Handheld OBD2 diagnostic tools can be plugged in to the OBD2 port which is normally under the dash on the driver's side.
For example, the same light may be used to show that the hand brake (parking brake for the Americans amongst you) is on. Low oil pressure is A Bad Thing and your engine won't thank you for leaving this problem untreated. For example, a differ-ent mounting kit may be required depending on whether the vehicle includes a factory navigation option or not.

Ensure that you have the correct wiring harness adapter for the specific year, make, and model of your vehicle. Some tips have simple explanations right here whilst others link back to the articles in the rest of the site.
If you're looking for a particular TSB or wiring diagram for your vehicle; TSBs and wiring diagrams.
If the coolant system is still hot then it is still under pressure and the pressure release will burn you. Partly, yes, but if you park under a tree where birds help repaint your car with recycled blueberries, that guck will come off a lot easier if it falls on a waxed paint job. If you drop a tool and it lands on the positive battery terminal and touches anything else on the car, you'll have an electrical short. If you've filled up with petrol and not twisted the gas cap until it clicks, you've not sealed the fuel system.
Better to find a garage or mechanic that will read the code and actually give you a diagnosis rather than just making you pay to find out a number.
If you take your car for a service, the garage should reset it for you.Typically this light will come on when you start your car, and then turn off again as part of the self-check.
Every car has an alternator - the charger - and a 12v battery used to supply power to the electrical system. If that's the case and you're driving, you ought to have noticed the smell of burning brake dust by now. It's important to note that this light normally comes on when you start the car and then switches off a few seconds later. Top up the system with either a pre-mixed coolant bought from a shop, or with distilled water. Some vehicles only require new brackets (which attach to the side of the car dvd player), and reuse the factory dash panel because the opening is a direct fit. Use the chart below to reference standardized colors of wiring harness adapters with the functions of your car dvd player wiring harness colors. For example when you turn out of a side street on to a main road, you should turn into the inside lane. If you can't find what you're looking for, try the search button at the end of the top menu.
Smaller garages and local mechanics will normally do this for you for a small fee, and being independent, the diagnosis won't be predicated on you buying some expensive parts from a corporate chain.If you're a do-it-yourself type used to working from shop manuals, then a lot of places that will give you the diagnostic code for free. If it stays on for 10 seconds then turns off, it normally means you're within 500 miles of needing a service. If the alternator becomes faulty or the drive belt to it snaps, then it will not be able to do its job.
If it blinks, throbs, flashes or in any other way draws your attention to itself, then take note.
Don't use tap water - the mineral deposits in it boil out in the cooling system and calcium gets depositted around the inside of the radiator making it less efficient (which will eventually cause it to fail).
Other vehicles require a mounting bracket with a front panel to fit the car dvd player in an oversized factory dash opening. Not swing across into the outside lane, because that's where people will tend to be driving who will be assuming (mostly wrongly) that you're going to use the inside lane.The same is true for turning across large intersections. If you still can't find what you're looking for, or have a suggestion for something else I should cover, contact me using the contact button on the top menu bar. Now, if a tool drops on to either of the battery terminals, it doesn't matter if it touches part of the chassis or not - there's no continuous path for the electrical current.Reconnecting your battery. The historical codes are lists of things that have been detected in the past but are no longer an issue, whilst the active codes are things that are a problem right now.
In fact, on a lot of cars, that code is so common they'll actually have some way of telling you to check the gas cap. In America specifically, the Schuck's chain do free diagnostics checks (Checker, Kragen, Murray's, Advance) as well as AutoZone. If it flashes for 10 seconds, it normally means you've exceeded a recommended service interval. The longer you drive, the more your car will use up the remaining juice in the battery and eventually the engine will die. It's always best to use pre-mixed coolant, or to mix your own rather than using neat water. This diagram shows where the cars should go (in green) and where they seem to go all the time (in red):Please, people - don't change lanes in intersections. Connect the positive terminal first, and the negative second - the reverse of removal, and for the same reasons.
Codes are subdivided into B-codes (body), C-codes (chassis) and the biggest list of all - P-codes (powertrain).
In the Honda Element, for example, if a P0440 code is logged, the dash scrolls "CHECK GAS CAP" across the odometer display. Compared to a steady light, a blinking ABS light normally indicates something more serious.
The coolant mixture behaves as an antifreeze in winter as well as a corrosion-inhibitor to stop your engine rusting from the inside out. When you slip the negative connector on, there will be a spark as it gets close and makes contact with the negative battery terminal. Because it would be such a drag if the same indicator meant the same thing in every vehicle.
Removing the knob reduces but doesn't eliminate contact between the two sections, still allowing a minimum current flow.
Might I suggest crossing double yellow lines on long, straight mountain roads when the person in front is doing 30 below the speed limit? The first time you pull the dipstick out, it will have oil all over it and it will be difficult to tell where the level is.
Note : even if the light does go off, the code will likely still be stored in the OBD system and will show up next time it is checked.
That's why you need to wipe it on a rag to get a clean dipstick, then dip it back into the oil to get a good reading.
Also, when I tried to install this per the instructions, the area where the negative cable goes is too small. The bigger problem in this situation is who the hell decided double yellow lines were needed in the first place. The alternative, if you're into maintaining your own vehicles, is to buy a reader and do it yourself. Guess they saved on brass, but it requires shimming to make it fit, so I haven't installed my switch.

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