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Universal battery testers tool included - Check out the deal on empire universal camcorder battery quick charger and price alert! Let’s provide a basic understanding of what batteries are, what they do, and how the behave. As a golf cart battery ages, its capacity get reduced over this time.  Capacity describes the time that a battery can continue to provide its intended amperes from a full charge. The first method of testing a golf cart battery is to use a hydrometer, which measures the density of the electrolyte through a specific gravity reading. This entry was posted in Tutorials and tagged battery discharge machine, battery hydrometer, battery load tester, battery testing, testing a golf cart battery by Michael Williams. We help our customers be proactive by getting involved early in the design phase, designing in reliability and compliance. Real time measurement of voltage and current are integrated into each 63600 load module using a 16-bit measurement circuit with three current ranges. When the need is for increased power, paralleling two or more loads together can be done to achieve the desired current. The 63600 series loads include an unique timing & measurement function allowing precise time measurements in the range of 2ms to 100,000s. The 63600 series offers 100 programmable loading sequences that enable the user to simulate various real world conditions. The 63600 offers a digitizing function that makes the load very convenient for recording transients in both voltage and current waveforms.

With the VFD display and rotary knob, the 63600 loads offer versatile front panel operation. All trademarks are owned by the respective companies or Barletta Apparecchi Scientifici Srl. The demand for secondary battery is increasing due to wider applications such as mobile phones, digital cameras, digital videos and hybrid cars. It is also a question for which there are lot of answers available online, most of which contain false or misinformed information.
So, for the purpose of this discussion, we will stick to the common flooded cell lead acid batteries commonly used in gas and electric golf carts, electric vehicles, and utility vehicles.  Testing other battery types such as AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat), Lithium, Gel or other battery chemistries may require specialized procedures which differ than those outlined here for lead acid varieties.
A battery is defined simply as two dissimilar metals immersed in an acid.  A battery does NOT store electricity as most people think, but rather is able to produce electricity as a result of a chemical reaction which releases stored potential chemical energy in the form of electrical energy. In addition, neutralize and clean all corrosion from the battery tops, caps, terminals and cables on a regular basis.  A little bit of preventative maintenance can go a long way to prevent issues with your golf cart’s batteries.
They are excellent for research, development, production, and incoming inspection applications.
This unique feature guarantees the best loading performance for modern Point-of-Load conditions and fuel cells. The user can perform online voltage measurements and adjustments or simulate short circuit test using the simple keypad on the front panel.
This feature allows the users' to set the final voltage & timeout values for battery discharge testing and other similar applications.

In addition, each module can be operated independently or synchronized so that all modules start operating at the same time while running independent programs. The 63600's state of the art design uses DSP technology to simulate non-linear loads using an unique CZ operation mode allowing realistic loading behavior. The 63600 also offers an unique dynamic frequency sweep with variable frequencies up to 50kHz ideal for use in finding the worst case UUT voltage peaks (Figure 1). Also included in the 63600 are self-diagnostic routines and full protections against OP, OC, OT and alarm indicating OV, reverse polarity. The 63600 can be configured with USB, Ethernet, and GPIB interfaces as options for remote control and automated testing applications. This ensures the quality and reliability of the 63600 and provides protection of units under test.
The dynamic loading mode can simulate different loading conditions for most users' requirements. Simulations of all kinds of real current waveforms for battery discharge testing and other applications are possible. Its dedicated remote load sensors and control circuits guarantee minimum waveform distortion during dynamic loading.

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