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Batteries are the most common single cause for non-starting vehicles, especially in colder weather. Tyres Direct UK's battery professionals use specialist battery checking equipment in our garages to ensure your battery is of good working condition.
Call now or visit us at our store for recommendations on how to get the most out of your car battery, or for expert advice about replacing your battery.
Automotive batteries are applied for European vehicles, and meets JIS, Japanese vehicles and American vehicles, DIN, with higher power, and BCI standards, excellent starting performance, and superior cranking power. Skip to menuSkip to contentWe use cookie files to improve site functionality and personalisation.

Batteries are less efficient the colder they get so the start of cold weather usually shows up any inefficiencies with the battery. Most batteries these days are sealed 'maintenance free' batteries but if your battery has removable covers then you can inspect the level of the electrolyte fluid inside the cells. This is really up to a trained mechanic to diagnose and cure but you can test this yourself with the correct equipment.
We keep an extensive range of Exide battery sizes in stock that are charged and ready for fitting by our experts. Our expert team will help you make the correct selection from our extensive range of car batteries in our Salisbury head office.

All our quotations are inclusive of VAT and fitting so you know the total cost upfront, our batteries also come with a 3 year guarantee. Personally it was a bad buy as I don't use it to regularly top up battery as you should with regular vehicle maintenance.

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