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After my battery died on my '02 Coupe, I had Ferrari & Maserati of Seattle install a new Interstate Battery, and I also purchased and had them install the Maserati Trickle Charger. The following errors occurred with your submission Okay Message: Options Quote message in reply? In order to be able to post messages on the Maserati Forum forums, you must first register.
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So, if the lithium-ion battery in your smartphone has seen better days, there are a few things you can try to bring it back to life before spending the cash to replace it.
Full RechargeIf your battery can't hold its charge anymore and drains extremely fast, you might be able to save it by doing a full recharge.
Jump-StartSometimes, all you need is a little push to really get going, and for electronics, that push is called a jump-start. RepairIf your battery is actually damaged, you can repair it yourself with a soldering iron (and a little confidence). ReplaceIf you want to err on the side of caution and guarantee your battery will work, go ahead and buy a new one. Like Jan Zelman said, it's not going to work, Li-ion batteries are extremely sensitive to discharges and doing a full discharge will only damage the battery further. Jump start car charger - easiest jump start , Jump starting a car has never been easier or more convenient than with the jump start car charger. Audi a4 questions - my car wont start - cargurus, My car wont start - sounds like it wants to start but doesnt. Nissan sentra questions - my car won't start when it's, My car won't start when it's cold in the morning.
Hi, i took apart my chevy uplander yesterday to give it a good thorough cleaning (4 kids ages 3 and under!!) anyway, i left the doors open to let the carpet dry out.

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While the saying may ring true for the Ironborn, it's not quite as catchy when it comes to batteries.Lithium-ion batteries power tons of consumer electronics and have even made their way into hybrid and electric vehicles.
You'll need to completely drain the battery for this to work, so once it reaches zero percent, keep turning it back on until it doesn't even have enough power to boot. Unless you have incredible driving luck, you've probably had to jump-start a car once or twice, and the process for a lithium-ion battery is pretty similar (but not quite as dangerous).
Again, I must warn you that dealing with batteries and electronic devices carries some inherent risk, so proceed with caution.The battery cell in the video below is a rechargeable lithium-ion cell from a laptop battery pack. The price of lithium-ion batteries has dropped significantly as the demand has increased over the last few years due to the influx of small electronic devices. But unlike normal AA and AAA alkaline batteries, lithium-ion batteries for your electronics can be pretty expensive to replace.
Now, plug in the power cord (to a power outlet) and let the battery charge for at least 48 hours. Since the positive terminal on the cell was not making contact with the internal power source, the entire battery pack became useless. You can search online using your product number or visit a local retailer to find the exact battery your device needs.Got any other tips for dealing with busted batteries? Overheating it can result in internal shorting, and cause the cell to get very hot, or explode.
Find a USB cord you don't mind sacrificing and cut off the smaller end or B connector, exposing the positive (red) and negative (black) wires inside.Plug the cable into your computer and touch the exposed wires to the corresponding feeds on the battery. To repair the connection, Furu Levi soldered a ring shape on the positive end of the cell so that it made contact.Check out his video guide below to see the process step by step. Over time, they take longer to power up and lose their charge much more quickly.Here's a look at how they work.

If you must replace the cells because there is no miracle to reviving worn out batteries, then get cells with solder tabs on them to allow you to solder them together in either series or parallel.
At present most laptop batteries have a cheap generic equivalent that is usually only a year or two into its shelf-life, these batteries can be purchased for $30-50 and are likely to give you much better results and potentially save you or your electronics from harm.
One thing to note if you intend to go about re-celling a laptop battery, you MUST provide a continuous charge to the control board or it will shut itself down for safety reasons. Otherwise a dumping effect would maybe cause heating due to rapid charge and discharge between cells.
The video showed a potential jump-start method but you can't be sure that will work for all batteries.
Also, the whole thing about them losing charge because they have "memory" so you need to discharge them and recharge is obsolete with new batteries.
That applied to nickel cadmium batteries which is one reason why we switched to lithium in the first place.
Doing any of this is extremely dangerous and can lead to serious injury and property damage.
Don't risk your safety because lithium is a highly volatile substance which shouldn't be handled so recklessly. For what you might save in cost, its usually cheaper in time and frustration to just buy a new battery.
Once added up the cost of the replacement cells isn't far off from just buying a new battery, and saves you much frustration and having to try to glue the pack back together not to mention risk of it shorting out while re-assembling.

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