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Step 1: How much is the current draw?I disconnected the negative (-) battery cable and connected my multi-meter between the cable and the battery post.
Step 5: Big differenceHere you see the reading on my meter after pulling the memory fuse holder. This Instructable applies to my car, but with all of the modern electronics running in the background on today's automobiles, your car may have this problem, too. I miss the days when magazines like Popular Mechanics had all sorts of DIY projects for making and repairing just about everything. Paris Hilton gets her car jumped after suffering from a dead battery while out and about filming her new reality show with Brooke Mueller.
It is Monday morning, you are late for work and as you try to start your vehicle nothing happens. While you’re in a car care mode, print out an oil change coupon and get a good price on an oil change service as well.
At a recent visit to the nearest dealership for routine warranty service I asked about this.

After her car finally started, Paris could be seen doing a little dance then promptly applying a new layer of lip gloss. This scenario has happened to many of us, and in most instances it is due to a dead battery. If the battery suddenly dies before then, it’s most likely user-based and caused by improper maintenance and lack of care. Even though accessories such as lights, radio and air-conditioning are utilizing the battery power during this time, the recharging of the battery is quicker than the draining. Jiffy Lube will visually inspect the battery cables, clean them and finish up with a protective spray coating.
I was reading the manual for another new vehicle and it seems some things need to be reset if the battery is ever disconnected.) The meter was set to measure DC amperes. In this article Jiffy Lube would like to share some tips for battery maintenance and ways to prevent battery meltdowns.
One common issue is corrosion of the cables that connects the battery to the engine, but other factors, like extreme weather conditions or having left the lights on in the vehicle can also be the culprit.

If your battery does not charge while your vehicle is on, it will most likely be due to problems with the alternator or a bad cable connection (either not properly attached or corroded) to the battery. Check the terminals on your meter to be certain you have the leads connected properly for the scale on the dial.
If I am concerned, I should connect a trickle charger when I will leave the car unattended for more than a week. Under-usage can be another factor for a dead battery, especially in cold weather climates.  However, be aware of your battery’s age and recognize that  that it may old and in need of retirement. The leads plug into the meter at different terminals for a current reading than they do for a voltage or a resistance reading. I could mount it in the engine compartment and connect an extension cord to it when we will be gone for more than a week.

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