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There are an oodles of the reasons behind the battery consumption majorly depending upon the users and the climate of the environment. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
Step 1: How much is the current draw?I disconnected the negative (-) battery cable and connected my multi-meter between the cable and the battery post. Step 5: Big differenceHere you see the reading on my meter after pulling the memory fuse holder. This Instructable applies to my car, but with all of the modern electronics running in the background on today's automobiles, your car may have this problem, too. I miss the days when magazines like Popular Mechanics had all sorts of DIY projects for making and repairing just about everything. You can choose your best car from our global source including Japan, South Korea, Thailand, USA, UK and Germany.
We can ship used cars globally to Africa, Asia, Middle East, Caribbean, Oceania, South America, and Europe with offices in over 40 countries. Proper and thorough inspections before shipment assure you the best condition that you can expect. Prompt shipment enables you to get your dream car sooner than you imagine no matter where you are. We have built up excellence in used car industry for 20 years, and have put the finest focus on reliability.
The only other necessary items are an inexpensive battery charger,, distilled water, magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt), a funnel, and a turkey baster to remove unwanted electrolyte from the battery. Every year, over 2300 people in the United States sustain injuries from handling car batteries. Experienced professionals know that refurbishing an automobile battery is a great way to extend its life. Next, remove the battery cell covers by prying them off with a screwdriver, taking care not to allow anything to fall down into the cells. Some mechanics advise in favor of the added step of intentionally discharging the battery between cycles.
Anyone who takes the time to do the math clearly sees the benefits of refurbishing a dead car battery.

Your on your way to an important meeting, job interview or even a date and your car won't start.
At a recent visit to the nearest dealership for routine warranty service I asked about this.
Depending on the make, model, and battery quality, expect to pay from $100 to $300 for a new one. Even if the result is only another couple of years of use, the little time it takes makes economic sense most of the time. The easiest way to find the right one is to enter the details into the search bar that is available on every page.
Since the necessary tools are limited to items most everyone has at home, it is easy to restore a battery in a couple hours over a weekend.
I was reading the manual for another new vehicle and it seems some things need to be reset if the battery is ever disconnected.) The meter was set to measure DC amperes. Since batteries release gasses that can be explosive during the charging process, always work in a well-ventilated area, preferably outdoors.
The rest are usually due to lifting or dropping them, since they weigh approximately 40 pounds. Some mechanics purchase used batteries , refurbish them, and are able to sell them at a considerably higher price. With the funnel,, add the mixture to each cell, making sure that the visible lead plates inside are completely covered. If you want to locate an already refurbished battery,, just enter that term into the open field. Check the terminals on your meter to be certain you have the leads connected properly for the scale on the dial.
If I am concerned, I should connect a trickle charger when I will leave the car unattended for more than a week.
Rather than buying a new battery, it is relatively easy to refurbish or recondition an existing one.
Replace the cell covers and rock the battery back and forth about 10 times to enable the mixture to coat all surfaces completely.
The leads plug into the meter at different terminals for a current reading than they do for a voltage or a resistance reading.
Unlike other batteries, most car batteries allow access to the insides where the problem occurs.

Since metal can react with battery acid, use only plastic funnels, basters, and containers.
For those who prefer to avoid the mixing process, battery acid is readily available for purchase. Now, attach the battery charger to the terminals and allow the battery to charge for 24 hours.
Even if the battery is 10 years old, with just a few steps, most people find they can return it to life. Since it is important that the inside of the battery does not become contaminated, wash the outside of the battery with clean water and baking soda. Depending on the condition of the battery, repeating this process two or three times can substantially improve the battery's performance by removing additional sulfur buildup. I could mount it in the engine compartment and connect an extension cord to it when we will be gone for more than a week. Obviously, it is important to avoid open flames, but even small sparks can lead to an explosion.
Unfortunately, restarting a battery is not a one-man job so you won't be able to lone wolf it.
They can take your car to a location where the battery can be recharged or replaced if it is really kaput. Another good tip is to ensure that the towing company is aware of the type of vehicle you have. Do not let them tow an all-wheel drive car with the rear wheels dragging — instead make sure to ask for a flat-bed on the phone. Pretty nifty right?Manufacturer's Roadside AssistanceIf you drive a newer vehicle that's still under warranty, chances are quite high that you qualify for roadside assistance provided by the manufacturer. All you need to jump-start a car is a set of jumper cables and another car (aka the "rescue" car) with a functional battery.
Remember, never try to jump-start a car if its battery is cracked and is visibly leaking acid. Now connect one end of the positive cables to the positive terminal on the "rescue" car's battery, and the other end to the positive terminal on the dead battery.

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