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If your car battery is done you need to get a new battery, there's just no other way to keep driving.
Auto part stores and large national retail chains and most local auto repair shops carry most typical car batteries and they will also test the battery for you. Nissan is introducing a comprehensive customer commitment to dramatically improve the ownership experience of a Nissan LEAF. Unrivalled in the pure EV market, the innovative Nissan CARE-EV LEAF customer commitment scheme makes five cast iron pledges designed to provide the ultimate in reassurance and peace of mind and answer many of the questions that customers face when considering EV ownership for the first time.
LEAF customers may rapid charge their vehicle for free at 60 Nissan dealerships across the country.
LEAF owners who need an extra car for a special occasion can borrow a petrol or diesel Nissan model free of charge for up to two weeks. Guaranteed 24-hour test drives will allow potential LEAF customers to experience the vehicle and learn just how well it fits their lifestyle.
In the unlikely event a LEAF customer should run out of power on the road, help will soon be at hand with free towing from Nissan roadside assistance.
The Nissan LEAF battery state of health guarantee covers against lithium-ion battery capacity loss below nine bars (out of 12) within the first five years or 60,000 miles.
The pledge to offer LEAF owners a free diesel or petrol Nissan for up to 14 days a year is particularly revolutionary.
This entry was posted in Electric Car, Family Cars, Nissan, Out Now, Small Hatch and tagged ELECTRIC CAR, electric car costs, electric car grant, electric cars, electric cars uk, Green Car Site, Nissan CARE-EV LEAF, nissan electric cars, nissan leaf on November 26, 2013 by admin. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Due for release in 2012, the Renault Twizy ZE is the latest in the electric car concept range. Being an Electric Car it is devoid of any car tax, which in the UK, saves at least A?100 a year. Being little more than a golf-cart, the Twizy is not dripping in safety features, mainly because it isn't intended to hustle with the rest of the cars on motorways etc. Aside from the high insurance figures that electric cars demand, the running costs are minimal. This electric Renault Twizy is really made for the sunnier climates of Monaco or similar, where there is an all-year-round helping of sunshine.
The finish of the cabin is very good, the plastics are great-looking and appear as though they would last a long time. With a low weight and no overhangs, the little Renault Twizy ZE turns in keenly and feels like a go-kart.

There are many batteries and it is important to get a battery that fits your car correctly. Sometimes you can get the battery installed for the price if you buy the new battery from the same place or there may be a fee associated with installation of the battery.
LEAF owners can also charge at the 50 and growing locations equipped with rapid charging units installed by Nissan as part of Ecotricity’s Electric Highway.
It means LEAF drivers can enjoy the many benefits of LEAF ownership, such as running costs of just two pence per mile, on their normal daily commute and then, when they’re going on holiday or have a longer trip to make, borrow a car that’s more appropriate to their journey.
As Renault can do no wrong at the moment, then why not go for a brave electric car, perfect for the city? While the development costs for an electric car are high and are passed onto the list price, running costs and the 'green' factor are the major pulls for a car like this. If electric cars are the future then hopefully buying one now and using it for years will have an impact on the environment, compared to a petrol-fueled car. There is only a tub-like cabin designed to pass any impact forces from an accident around the structure, meaning passengers are less likely to be hurt.
Only a drain on your, or someone elsea€™s, electric power supply is needed every 90 miles or so. With no windows and only a thin piece of plastic stopping the elements wetting your feet, there is not much comfort here.
The lifeline of the lithium batteries that run the motor is still under some scrutiny, but hopefully they will outlast a comparable petrol engine and make buying a Twizy worthwhile.
It reaches 60mph in 14 seconds, although running the car flat-out will diminish the batteries quickly, and it is much more suited to pootling around a city centre anyway.
It is similar to a golf-buggy in terms of size and shape, although it would be doubtful a full set of clubs would fit in the Twizy. While it may not get up to speed very quickly, the electric motor has instantaneous power from a standing start, meaning it will zip away from traffic lights with ease.
The price of the new battery depends on the size you need - group size, CCA or cold cranking amps and the warranty for your battery. Powered by sustainably sourced electricity from wind and solar power and located at key service stations up and down the UK’s motorway network, these rapid chargers can charge the new Nissan LEAF from empty to 80% in just 30 minutes. Being dubbed as a 'quadricycle' this four-wheeled motorbike with a roof could just be the thing for city-dwellers needing to quietly zip to the shops and back. Practicality in the Twizy comes in the form of it not being a burden on your bank account for day to day running. The most significant point is that the Volt is just like a normal hatchback to drive, with the added benefit of being very quiet.

Our deep cycle batteries utilize the heaviest and thickest plates available from the battery industry – and more than 10% thicker than those used by the competition.
There’s virtually no noise when you press the illuminated start button and you only have to pull the shift lever into ‘D’ mode to make a silent getaway.The smooth torque of the electric motor does a surprisingly good job of disguising the Volt’s 1715kg kerb weight.
Its linear power delivery builds speed very smoothly and is helped by the fact that there are no gearchanges to interrupt progress.However, the Chevy seems to encourage the driver to flow along gently, rather than to push on.
The driver can clearly feel the surge of extra power.Overall, there's real pleasure to be had from driving the Volt. A combination of the electric motor's lightning-quick responses, the fat torque (which is available immediately) and the lack of gearchanges (the transmission uses a single ratio) makes it a very refined place to be for the majority of the time.To boost performance, there’s a sport button on the dash that increases the flow of current out of the battery by 20 per cent.
This is just one of the programmed quirks, helping top up the charge in the battery pack.The Volt’s cabin is a strict four-seater because the battery intrudes in the shape of a large centre tunnel, but the interior is light and airy, with fine views forward and rearwards.
The driving position is absolutely first rate: the pedals and wheels are ideally aligned and centred and the seats remarkably comfortable over long journeys. The low dash also allows a fine view forward.The touch-sensitive centre console controls take some getting used to, mainly because although they make a clicking sound, there's no feedback at your fingertip. Rear seat space isn’t great, with limited head and legroom for taller passengers.This largely comes from the attention GM has paid to minimising losses from aerodynamic drag. The Volt has a lower roofline compared with the Cruze and to accommodate the battery pack, the rear seats are slightly raised. The rear seats, however, are virtually flat, offering a sizeable load area.The Volt appears to live up to the hype. The car's balance (partly thanks to the heavy, low-mounted, battery pack) and impressive steering means the Volt is something of a pleasure to drive when being steered along the typical rural A- and B-roads.It is notably refined on motorways, too. On the standard 17-inch alloys the Volt can thump over bigger intrusions and fidgets over ridged or eroded surfaces. Overall, though, the Volt was more than acceptable on cratered British urban roads.Given the Volt’s asking price, you’ll want to give some serious thought to how much you’re saving in running costs by having the electric capacity.
Still, that price becomes more justifiable in light of the cost of the more limited pure-electric options, and the 5 per cent benefit-in-kind charge will be of interest to company car users, especially if they can install a bespoke wall charger at their home, and top up on low-tax domestic electricity.Over a year with the Volt, Autocar found that the battery's range varied between nearly 40 miles (in warm weather on flowing roads) to 22 miles or so in the depths of winter. Ultimately, it makes the electric car viable for the masses.More than that, it ensures that electric travel need no longer be something taken on as an obligation to the environment – you can actually enjoy the experience, too.

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