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One after the other, I tried to rule out various typical culprits : The Tires were rotated, thread pattern was checked, Alloy was swapped for OEM rims, Air pressure was increased but nothing solved the problem. One fine day, when I went to my usual MASS to help my friend's car checked, the advisor there offered a wash for my car while I was waiting with my friend's car to get serviced. I kept wondering what 'magic' can a simple water-wash do that the car's steering fault was rectified. On a particular day, when I was cleaning the spark plugs and Air-filter at home and as a usual practice I disconnect the negative terminal of the battery before doing this, the copper connector breaks. I then went in search for only the connector and the shop owner advised me to buy the whole wiring kit that included the connector as well as the O Ring on the other end of the wire that is grounded to the Chassis. Anyhow, it looks as if the seller is not in a mood to even accept there is any hardness and is not willing to adjust some cost for possible repairs I may have to perform. Originally Posted by tripsme In that case, it would not have been so smooth during parking. Batteries are an area of confusion, but there is very little to be confused about if we break them down. Batteries are made up of cells (imagine these as AA alkaline batteries in your TV remote), each cell holds 3.7 volts.
Equally never leave them fully charged, the chemical reaction that takes place in the batteries will cause damage and significantly reduce your battery lifespan. Generally a bigger mAh value will increase your flight duration, however the bigger the mAh the heavier the battery (when you gain something you typically lose something else).
If a battery has a rating of 2200 mAh and a discharge rating of 20C, then you could pull a maximum sustained load up to 44,000 milliamps or 40 amps off that battery (20 x 2200 milliamps = 44,000 milliamps or 44 amps).
While there is little point in buying a battery with a very large discharge rate (unless of course you are pulling high amps) it is very important you do not buy a battery with a too low discharge rate. Over the years, the positive terminal connector at the battery has sprouted "spaghetti" for various electrical bits.
I'd like to run one cable from the battery to a terminal block, and then have the other cables connect there. Also, if anyone has a different suggestion as to how to tame this "spaghetti," I'm all ears! Vref: I'll check the fuse block, but I'll have to find something that's hot all of the time (because clearly whatever is connected directly to the battery requires constant 12v).
If you really want to be cautious, add a fusible link or breaker in the line near the battery.
If I were to do something like Dad911 is suggesting, I'd have to run a "main" power line to the fuse block. In your example above the right way would be to put a 30 amp breaker or fusible link as close to the positive terminal as possible, then your #8 wire feeding a fuse block, and the individual fuses sized for each circuit.

A few articles ago I showed how and why I installed 35W bulbs in place of the factory 55W bulbs in the fog lights on my California Vintage. To put an end to any lingering battery worries,  I bought a Deltran Battery Tender Junior.  I love this gadget and wanted to share a few installation tips and photos.
The special connector on both the motorcycle harness and clamp-type harness has a tethered removable cover that keeps the connector clean from road grit, dust, etc. To install the harness on a Moto Guzzi California,  just remove the seat and the tool tray, then unscrew the cables from your battery.  Place the ring terminals onto the battery screws (obviously red to red and black to black) along with your original battery cables, and then tighten the battery terminal screws back down.
My first thought was to find a longer screw, but since the ring terminal on the harness is quite thin, the need for a longer screw did not make sense to me. To lift the nut inside the slot, I slightly fastened the bare screw (without the cables) and lifted the screw upward while I slipped the head of the tie wrap below the nut from the side of the battery terminal.  With the wire tie head now holding holding up the nut for me, I removed the screw, placed it through the the group of wire terminals, and was able to start the screw back into the nut to tighten down the cables. The original screws had plenty of thread engagement, so I felt no need to replace them with longer ones.  Also, longer screws could possibly get driven right into the battery and cause damage when tightening them down. OFF – when connected and plugged in means it is not working because no AC power is coming in. ORANGE – abnormal condition means that you have a bad sulfated battery or your connections are bad between the charger and the battery. For my 4th grader’s first computer-related paid job, I asked him to make a slide show video using some pictures of our Moto Guzzi California Vintage so that we could post it on this site and on youtube for fun. All compact flash units and most of power pack flash units (up to 3200 Ws) can be run by Flash Feeder Compact. It is not a battery flash but a device in which you simply plug in studio flash units and start shooting.
In order to receive the User Manual please complete the form paying particular attention to the personal and contact information.
I was wondering if anyone would a CBR250R could help me figure out a fairly simple question regarding the battery terminals (as I haven't yet taken delivery of my bike).
For the car, I simply put the ring connectors on the bolts which clamp onto the positive and negative terminals (10mm head, no clue what the thread diameter is). What I need to know is, does the battery on the CBR250R connect up the same was as a regular car battery, or is it different somehow? Would a larger one fit though (say M8 or M10), just torqued down on one side only (or possibly with a washer)? I have the C-Tek charger as well as a Yuasa and Battery Tender and actually prefer the Yuasa but they all seem to have the same size holes in the leads.
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In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic. But the power steering was doing its job as I could easily make out the difference in effort by switching off the Ignition and trying to turn the steering wheel while the car was stationary. Soon after the wash, I drove to my workplace taking the NICE road and the steering definitely felt much better after that wash even during parking in my office basement. Started the car and let it idle for 10 minutes and continued to drive and my problem with the steering was solved. A Bad connector on the battery end due to which the Electric Power steering Motor was not getting proper voltage. A Bad Chassis ground itself that neither I or MASS would've verified during the previous visits for regular services.
If you try and pull too many amps you will kill the battery (and possibly your electronics).
Idealy, things are fused as close as possible to the battery so even if all those wires are fused elsewhere it'd still be nice to get them connected to the factory buss.
I really don't want to spend the better part of a day pulling everything into the cabin, that's why I thought a bus bar near the battery would do the trick. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
In all probability, the tyres are hard which explains why there is no problem when EPS is engaged.
Then run off of it for all your accessories or if they are all located in the cabin run a single heavier guage wire to the cabin, install the new fuse block their and run it that way. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). It's good to look after your battery, I always get 8-10 years out of a battery believe it or not. Doing the second option would clean up all the wires you have running to the current battery location.
As you say that the steering is light as any other Dzire at low speeds, perhaps the cut-off parameter is incorrect. If you leave your batteries in a discharged state over time they will drop below the 3.5volt mark and the damage will be done. John participates in local charity rides and also serves as a volunteer motorcycle marshal for one of the largest annual bicycle charity event in the Carolinas.

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