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This section lists the dashboard warning lights for the popular Vauxhall Zafira, with pictures and their meanings explained, along with advice on what should be done.
The dashboard warning lights on vehicles vary with significance or importance depending on colour. Flashing lights or lights that are red signify an urgent and usually when flashing, a critical warning.
Non-critical warnings – those that should be dealt with soon, are dealt with via orange or yellow lights.
The airbag and seat belt tensioners warning light illuminates red for around 4 seconds when the ignition is switched on and extinguish. The Zafira battery charging light will illuminate red for a few seconds when the ignition is switched on and extinguish.
The malfunction warning light, or Vauxhall Zafira catalytic converter warning light will illuminate steady yellow or flash. The Zafira malfunction warning light a car with spanner illuminates or flashes yellow and informs the driver that they must service the vehicle soon. The circle containing an exclamation mark signifies an issue with the brake or clutch system and illuminate or flashes red.
The ABS light illuminate red for a few moments as the ignition is turned on and goes out shortly afterwards.
The Interactive Driving System Plus (+) activates continuous damping control when in sports mode. Normal oil pressure monitoring is activated when the light illuminates red for a few seconds as the ignition is switched on. The Zafira lights listed may vary slightly depending on the country that the vehicle was manufactured and year.
Blue and green lights are used for informational purposes, for example to inform the driver that the external lights are on. If the light fails to extinguish or fails to illuminate, or the light illuminates whilst driving, this signifies a fault within the airbag or belt tensioners system.

If the charging light comes on whilst the engine is running, this indicates the battery is not charging and as a result, engine cooling may be effected and halted. If the warning light illuminate whilst the engine is running, there is a fault within the engine or transmission electronics. If the warning light flashes, this is a fault within the immobiliser system and the vehicle cannot be started.
If the parking brake has been released but the light still illuminates, the brake and clutch fluid levels are too low.
If the warning light illuminates a steady yellow, there is a fault in the system which can only be rectified by a qualified workshop. For normal operation, the light will illuminates for a few moments when the ignition is switched on and extinguish shortly after A visual aid to signify the stability program system is in operation, the light flashes whilst driving. If whilst driving the light illuminates, this informs you that the coolant temperature inside the engine is too hot. If the light flashes, the electronic key is not within reception range of the vehicle interior and the engine cannot be started. Light will illuminate when a vehicle with manual transmission automated can only be started if the foot brake is applied. Before you're stranded in a busy parking lot with no juice, make the switch to the most reliable car battery in town: the OPTIMA Red Top. Turn off engine when safe to do so and seek the assistance of a qualified workshop to avoid engine damage. If the warning lamp illuminate when the engine is running, there is a fault within the exhaust emission control system.
The electronics programme will move into emergency programme where fuel consumption may increase and certain parts of the vehicle handling may be impaired. If the light continues to flash, attempt to start the engine with the vehicle spare key and seek the assistance of a workshop. If the ABS light remains on or if the light illuminates whilst driving, there is a fault within the system.

When in operation, engine output may be reduced and the vehicle may be braked automatically to a small amount. Continued driving risks the engine overheating, possibly resulting in damage to engine components. If the light flashes, this informs you that the previous driving did not successfully clean the filter.
Lubrication to engine components may be reduced with the potential of engine damage or engine seizure. If the light illuminates a steady yellow whilst driving, this informs you that the system is either turned off or that there is a fault within the system. The warning light will flash on vehicles with automated manual transmission when engine is turned off and the parking brake is not applied.
For more information on ABS, how they work and how they benefit drivers, See the Anti-Lock Braking System guide. Alternatively, the light may flash due to some form of interference with the signal due to external sources.
Driving the vehicle can resume, although stability may be reduced depending on the road surface.
Check coolant levels when the engine has cooled. See what is engine coolant and how to check engine coolant for further details. If the light illuminates a steady yellow, this informs you that the preheating is activated. If the light flashes for around one minute, followed by a continuous steady light, there is a fault within the system, or a tyre has been fitted without a pressure sensor. See tyre legal limit for information on having too high and too low pressure in tyres.
Light will also flash if the driver’s door is open, if no gear has been selected and the handbrake is not applied.

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