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Ensure that the car is in park and that everything within the vehicle is turned off, including the air conditioning, radio, headlights, and turn signals. Note that in most cases, the positive battery cable is red or orange in color, and the negative cable is black. Perhaps the most common problem with car batteries occurs while the car sits for an extended time. Position the red clamp (or positive clamp) of the jumper cables on the positive terminal of the dead vehicle. Position the last clamp, a negative black cable, on an unpainted metal surface in the dead car.
Another method for charging a car battery is with the use of an automotive battery charger. Car buyers in Europe will soon have four new swoon-worthy electric Renault cars to green their driveways – and the rest of us are green with envy.
This multi-faceted battery plan would help ease the minds of some car owners who have a hard time believing they would be able to cope with an electric car.
The cars have already been previewed in several venues in Europe and journalists have been given a chance to drive one of them; so far, the reviews have been very good. Battery cables are designed with crocodile clips to male cigarette adapter, which's easily to charge your car battery.
If you were using a 3 watt 12V LED bulb then you could light the bulb for 12 hours with the energy you produced that day. You get the idea - the sun puts watt-hours into your battery and then you use it to power stuff that uses watt-hours. Salam.Everything stays the same, the only changes are MYR currency getting weaker each passing month since Dec 2014.
All items sold are covered with 1 YEAR LIMITED PRODUCT WARRANTY on manufacturer defect; not inclusive of usage abuse, product alteration, act of nature, and batteries life. Return refund are subject to PT Ria Store approval, and compensation is limited to refunding the amount purchased.
As long as you maintain your car battery, it can last a long time and will maintain a charge throughout its life.

However, you should confirm this in your owner's manual prior to starting any type of charging process.
If the car is not running and will not start because the battery is dead, you can jump start it.
You never know when you'll be left with a car that refuses to start, and a little knowledge can take some of the unpleasantness out of this situation. Rather than purchasing rechargeable batteries with the car, they propose renting batteries. Having multiple options for keeping the battery topped up makes the concept easier to swallow.
For suburban Americans with hour-long commutes each way, this particular type of electric car may not have enough juice to last them an entire day. So the common solution is to fit one or more auxiliary batteries (often referred to as leisure batteries in vehicles or house batteries on boats) that are used purely to power those items not related to the starting of the engine. The vehicle has an alternator that produces an electrical pulse and allows the car to store power in the battery.
If the battery was dead, conserve electricity while you are driving the vehicle by keeping the radio off and not using the lights. Follow these steps to jump start your vehicle after following each of the safety precautions above. Owners would be able to charge them at home or work via the normal electric grid (which takes four to eight hours), while keeping spare batteries in both locations. Hopefully we’ll see viable all-electric cars debuting around the rest of the developed world soon, right after networks of charging stations are put in place. Battery cables with crocodile clips, male cigarette adapter & female cigarette socket4. But once you have a second battery installed, how do you keep it charged up in the same way that the starter batter is? If you do not take a few safety precautions before you attempt to charge the car battery, you could risk injury from explosion.
This does give you a quick charge, but it can be one of the most effective ways to charge your vehicle.To use this method, purchase or rent an automotive battery charger.

Ideally, public places like shopping centers would also offer rapid recharging stations which would give the battery a full charge within 30 minutes. Then follow the directions provided by the manufacturer for the safe use of the battery charger. But for even faster service, owners could visit one of the battery drop-off locations (which Renault say would be located in service garages) to get a freshly-charged battery within five minutes.
It might be helpful to think of the voltages as acting in opposing directions with the voltage from the battery acting one way and the voltage from the charging source acting the other. With the battery at a lower voltage than the charging source, no current can flow from the battery to the rest of the electrical system because current will be flowing into the battery.
So when the alternator starts turning the voltage rises to around 14V at the starter battery terminals (assuming the battery is already well charged) and the relay will close to allow current through to charge the leisure battery. You simply provide us with your cable run lengths and we will pre-assemble a system tailored to your specific application, complete with all the parts you need to fit it, making installation straightforward, quick and hassle-free. The biggest drawback with the use of diodes is that they incur a relatively large voltage drop across them, typically around 1V, which in a 12V system is quite significant. For this reason the cables used to connect the batteries and the split charge unit itself should rated to handle the maximum current that the charging source is capable of supplying to ensure that they are not damaged. For any reasonable sized alternator this means using battery cable of at least 16mm2 cross-section (110A) and upwards, depending on the application and cable run length. Whilst this will not be a problem if the system is fused properly, it does mean that you could easily keep blowing fuses if your battery is deeply discharged and a large current is drawn from the charging source.
Some of the more advanced charging systems can overcome differences in battery health and monitor usage to optimise charging for each battery, so the above becomes less critical.Protecting your split charge circuitWhatever split charge system you opt for, the most important aspect is to ensure that all connecting cables are protected by appropriately rated fuses to prevent an electrical fire.
Each battery that connects into the split charge device should have an appropriately rated fuse installed in-line with the cable, as close as possible to its +ve terminal.

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