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This circuit is an alternative to expensive battery chargers, the trick to lower the cost is to buy a cheap battery charger and expand it with an automatic charge breaker circuit such as the one presented here. The heart of this automatic NiCd battery charger is the comparator which compares the NiCad battery’s voltage with a referance voltage. When the battery voltage level rises, the voltage at the non-inverting input will also rise and by certain level (set with P1) the non-inverting input has a higher level than the inverting input. The best way to calibrate the circuit is to use a variable voltage, regulated power supply. Recent QuestionsTimer for Varroa Mite Treatment electronically controlling a 220V heating wire To run Microwave when power supply isn't there, what type of battery can I use Problem with playing back voices how can an AVR get a generated sin wave by matlab,using serial interface and realize it using DAC?
Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. This battery charger circuit can be used to charge one or more batteries with the total nominal voltage of 12 V, meaning ten NiCd battery or six 2 V lead acid.
We can use a transformer with 18 V on the secondary and then using a diode bridge to rectify the 18V ac voltage we get 22V dc on C1. The completely discharged batteries are charged at the begining with a 6 mA current thru R2-D2 and R4-R6-D1.

If the battery is connected with reversed polarity or there is a shortcircuit, the power transistor T1 remains blocked and the charging current can not exceed 6 – 12 mA. While might be good for charging NiCd batteries (that I don’t Know), this circuit is useless for 12V Lead Acid Batteries(that I do know well).
You must have used some strange datasheet if you say that BD140 is NPN… It is PNP and has been like this from its birth, when the silicone met the plastic case for the first time. CE , ITS approved FBC-22 One charger handles all your automotive, RV and small engine batteries. This hysteresis is set with P2 which also sets the minimum battery voltage level at which the charging resumes. I’ve built several of these battery chargers myself as far back as 2005 when I first acquired an old Arlec 10 amp simple charger and searched the net for some sort of regulation control. Battery capacity: 6V, 12V Equipped with ammeter and resetable circuit breaker 2 amp slow charge 6 amp fast charge Automatic shutoff Charges 12 volt batteries in 6 - 8 hrs.
Set the regulated power supply to 14.5 volts and adjust the P1 to a point where the relay snaps open.
But as a reminder, this circuit don’t have a current limiter which means this charger is good to use only on a known good battery but not on a battery that have defects like having a short or open plates which will cause the diodes, switching Thyristor and transformer to heat easily.
The incorect usage is impossible: connecting the batteries with reverse polarity, shortcircuit of the output terminals or power loss have no impact on the charger or battery.

Open the regulator, replace the 56 Ohm resistor marked as VR1, with a 100 Ohm trim pot, via two tiny wires.
Newt, set the regulated power supply to 12.4 volts and adjust P2 to a point the relay closes back. You might need to repeat this procedure severals time since P1 and P2 have an effect on each other. Two weeks ago I built two of the same chargers for my 2 brothers in-law at my wife’s request as a Christmas present without volt gauges, I hope they will appreciate the effort I went through.
I have more than one car, and while not in drive I trickle the battery to keep at 12.9 V on REST (without charging element).
Periodically you have to equalize the elements of Battery, This can be done increasing the charging voltage, periodically, to 14.5 V for 2 hours.

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