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A very simple battery charger circuit having reverse polarity indication is shown here.The circuit is based on IC L200 .
I want to ask the reason of using 1.5A FSD component used in the above schematics and its little bit introduction. I would like to resurrect an old charge car batteries and provide it with a new charging circuit. I wanted to know if at this circuit you can add a few transistors (eg 2N3055) to increase the charge current. Hi Vijay the following circuit will be best suited for you it can charge up to 150AH battery.

What are the Ohm(s) and watt(s) of R2 and R3, and define the formula using the correct values of R2 and R3 including V5 and Io. 12000mAh battery recharges in just 4 hours using the included chargers, it's a high-power rechargeable jumpstarter, slow self-discharge, and cycle discharge & charge times up to 1000 times. This Car Black Box (Similar to Airplane Black Box) to record traffic incident while you are driving your car.
The Motion Detection Car Camera Recorder is very necessary for us to know the situation behind the car with a camera installed at the back, especially for those green hands, because we can't make sure the objects behind the car sometimes. R2 & R3 are in parallel enable you to make the required value by using standard preferred values.

You can fix this Car Camera Recorder on the car dashboard or car windshield easily with the holder or mount.

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