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Duracell 6, 12, 25 AMP Battery Chargers: These Battery Chargers feature rapid charge technology for faster, more accurate charging, and do not require installation or set up. Braille Battery Chargers: Pick up your Braille Battery Chargers in 2-amp, 10-amp or multi-battery versions to fit your needs.
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The simple plug-and-charge solution makes these chargers ideal for extending and recharging all types of 12-volt lead acid batteries.  Most units are conveniently packaged in a hard plastic carrying case that makes these chargers portable and easy to use. It will keep your ATV, snowmobile, motorcycle, personal watercraft, lawn tractor or other small-vehicle batteries charged when not in use, so they start when you need them. Safety features include over-voltage and over-temperature protection for safe, simple operation in any situation.

Braille Battery Chargers are designed to extend the life of your battery and make it easy to keep a full charge. All Braille Battery Chargers feature reverse polarity protection, so that you won’t cause damage if you accidentally hook it up backwards.

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