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The Ultimate Speed ULG 3.8 A1 is an electronic battery charger with a pulse trickle charge mode and is suitable for charging and maintenance charging of rechargeable lead batteries.
The charger has a special feature (a three phase charging procedure) which enables recharging of batteries to almost 100% of their original capacity. Seems to be similar to the CTEKs, but the CTEK can be used without disconnecting the battery.Before starting the charging or discharging procedure on a permanently installed battery in a vehicle, first disconnect the minus pole connecting cable (black) of the vehicle from the minus pole of the battery.

Portable automotive battery chargers - automatic operation, Portable bench top automotive 6 and 12 volt battery chargers with automatic operation. Pro-logix battery chargers - clore automotive, For any type of vehicle, battery maintenance task, technicians and consumers armed with pro-logix battery chargers and maintainers are prepared that they may face..
Century automotive battery chargers bench top & roll , The century k3149-1 automotive battery charger features commercial chargers price ' beat. It was deeply discharged though.Reply3 years, 5 months ago#11ReplyFantastic charger, these will recover a fully flat battery as long as it is not completely shot, but it does take time, sometimes a few days.

It is compatible with WET (liquid electrolyte), GEL (gel type electrolyte) and AGM (absorbed glass mat) type batteries.
The charger also has a maintenance mode feature for long-term connection to a battery that will ensure the battery is kept in optimum condition.

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