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You use or are thinking about using a deep-cycle battery probably in a marine application and you’re wondering where to find a good deep cycle battery charger to keep it charged when you need it.  Not all lead-acid car battery chargers are designed to be deep cycle battery charger especially since the needs of a deep cycle battery are drastically different than those of a regular car battery. A 12V deep cycle battery is a lead-acid battery that is used in applications where it will spend much of its life being regularly deeply discharged.  That might include trolling motors, sailboats, other small vessels, vessels with a deep cycle marine battery, forklifts, floor sweepers, motorized wheel chairs and scooters, remote-site electronics, RVs, highway electric vehicles, traffic signals, uninterruptible power supplies, audio equipment, or golf cart batteries to name some examples.
Under ideal circumstances an example schedule for a 200 amp-hour battery might be a Bulk Phase where charging proceeds at about 15 volts and 50 amps to approximately 75% charge followed by an Acceptance Phase where the battery is maintained at about 15 volts while reducing the amperage and charging the battery the remaining 25 percent capacity at a declining rate. Once charged, the battery should be maintained using a Maintenance Float Phase where the voltage is reduced to around 13.4 volts to maintain the battery without losing electrolyte.
Another capability of some deep cycle battery chargers is an Equalization or Desulphation phase where the battery continues to be charged to a controlled electrolyte boil dissolving lead sulfate crystals collected on the lead plates and prolonging battery life.
This schedule is complicated enough that to manually manage it would be very burdensome and time-consuming and you would run the possibility of making a mistake and damaging your battery or charger.  Your best choice is a “smart charger” that is designed to handle the unique charging schedule of deep cycle batteries.

Smart chargers have a built-in microprocessor that can provide the correct charging schedule required by a deep cycle battery. Only one of the deep cycle battery chargers on our list is designed for California and Oregon use.  Be aware that if you need a CA or OR battery charger, you will need to look for that model of the same charger.
Take a look at our list and see if one of these deep cycle battery chargers is the best deep cycle battery charger for your needs!
Built-in microprocessor delivers 8 patented steps maximizes battery life and performance including desulphation process that removes sulfate from lead plates, battery diagnosis that determines the health of your battery, a reconditioning function that can restore stratified and deeply discharged batteries, maintenance charging, cold weather optimization, and AGM charging.
Mark is an avid car nut and writer who loves to research and provide helpful information on popular topics to help consumers make better buying and care decisions. Battery Chargerdeep Cycle Charger Club Car Pictures, Battery Chargerdeep Cycle Charger Club Car Images. They last longer and charge faster if they are charged according to a temperature-dependent and battery chemistry-dependent schedule.
Its state-of-the-art technology features 8 patented steps to maximize battery life and performance.  Here’s what you need to know.

Any price and availability information displayed on the merchant site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. Deep cycle batteries are used to power some of the largest equipment you will use, including your RV, boat, and other machinery, and a deep cycle battery charger ensures these batteries are ready to perform when you need them.
Much like a solar deep cycle battery that refills and stores energy from exposure to the sun, a charger revives a marine or RV battery so it keeps going.
Whether you are heading out on the open water or the open road, having a high-quality charger gives you confidence your marine or RV deep cycle battery is protected from damage and draining so you are not stranded with no power or facing the sudden expense of a replacement battery. Search the large inventory on eBay to equip your home, boat, or RV with a deep cycle battery charger and be more prepared for your next adventure.

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