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The Simple Start Battery Charger by Black & Decker is a standalone car battery booster that plugs into your cars DC outlet. The booster is basically a battery that can recharge at home and then is ready to use in your car. Use ProductWiki Connect for Merchants to enhance your product page and improve conversions. Enter the e-mail address you used to register with the site and we'll send you a new password.
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This quality battery charger can quickly charge almost every battery type, and it's a great choice for home mechanics and small shops. The Black & Decker VEC1093DBD Smart Battery features fast recharge rates, a wide range of battery compatibility and a five-year warranty. This car battery charger uses a microprocessing unit to control all its charging functions, allowing you to charge your batteries without constant monitoring. The first two buttons on the left are bracketed together as Step 1 and Step 2, reminding you to select a battery type before selecting a charge rate. In addition to the push-button controls, this battery charger includes LED indicators and a digital display.
The Smart Battery offers a 110-amp cold-cranking engine start option in case you need a quick jump, as well as a battery voltage and alternator tester. This battery charger lacks compatibility with 6-volt batteries, which means you can't charge your golf cart, tractor or fifth wheel battery.
The Smart Battery has all the safety features a top battery charger should have, including automatic shut-off and overload protection.
The Black & Decker VEC1093DBD Smart Battery is a reliable car battery charger with plenty of power and battery compatibility. Duracell 6, 12, 25 AMP Battery Chargers: These Battery Chargers feature rapid charge technology for faster, more accurate charging, and do not require installation or set up.

Braille Battery Chargers: Pick up your Braille Battery Chargers in 2-amp, 10-amp or multi-battery versions to fit your needs. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. The booster is a small package that can fit in your glove compartment and be ready to recharge your car battery when you need it. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information. This dependable automatic car battery charger is one of the best battery boosters available. It has four charging rates to choose from, with easy-to-use buttons on the control panel just below the handle. The engine start option is also on this row, just to the right of the charge rate selector button. If you're not sure which battery type you've selected, just take a quick look at the LED signals for a reminder. The unit's microprocessing unit informs you if there's a bad battery connection, reverse polarity or an insufficient charge rate through the digital display. The 4-amp rate is meant for small batteries found in lawn mowers, snowmobiles, motorcycles and so forth.
However, this battery charger can handle nearly every 12-volt battery you need to jump or charge. The cables are only 3 feet long, which means you'll need to station the charger where you can place the battery near while it charges. While its jumper cables are shorter than other ranked chargers, its rapid charge rate and safety features, such as automatic shut-off and overload protection, make the Smart Battery a great addition to any workshop or garage. The simple plug-and-charge solution makes these chargers ideal for extending and recharging all types of 12-volt lead acid batteries.  Most units are conveniently packaged in a hard plastic carrying case that makes these chargers portable and easy to use. It will keep your ATV, snowmobile, motorcycle, personal watercraft, lawn tractor or other small-vehicle batteries charged when not in use, so they start when you need them.

Safety features include over-voltage and over-temperature protection for safe, simple operation in any situation. Braille Battery Chargers are designed to extend the life of your battery and make it easy to keep a full charge. All Braille Battery Chargers feature reverse polarity protection, so that you won’t cause damage if you accidentally hook it up backwards. Black & Decker includes a five-year warranty from the date of purchase with this auto battery booster. The 10-amp rate is perfect for mid-sized batteries found in small cars, while the 20-amp is optimal for cars and light trucks.
This includes AGM, deep-cycle and gel cell batteries, allowing you to charge anything from cars and trucks to large RVs and boats.
This battery booster warns you on the display with an error code if the jumper cables are improperly hooked up to the battery's terminals.
This battery charger weighs a reasonable 11 pounds, stands 13 inches tall, is 7 inches wide and measures 11 inches in length. You can find the meanings of each code in the user manual and on a chart located on the back of the charger.
Reverse polarity can lead to permanent damage in a battery, as well as create unwanted sparks. You shouldn't encounter any problems in carrying this battery charger around or storing it on a shelf. The average charging time varies with the rate and remaining battery charge, but the 40-amp setting can recharge a standard lead-acid battery in an hour or less, while charging at a 4- or 10-amp rate can take around 10 hours.

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