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Our products are of long electric power, stable, long time to storage, no leakage and environmental protection. We can supply varies kinds of storage batteries which are high-tech products in compliance with the requirements for green environment protection.
No batteries needed, just 3 minutes of cranking provides about 3-8 minutes of the constant conversation and 30-60 minutes stand-by by phone! We can supply quality Tungsten wire cloth Dutch weave, while most for export to Germany, Singapore and other countries and regions.
Our factory, Yunshan Battery Factory, is a state-owned military manufacturer of car battery.
Electric cars of the future will need to be quick both in speed and in the time they need to get recharged.

The station generates electricity with the help of renewable energy systems that include solar and wind energy.
The system does show great use of renewable energy, however, the system doesn’t look feasible for all cars.
Guangzhou Easy Trade Co, LTD belongs to the factory and reponsible for the export business. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Whenever a car comes for a recharge a robotic system removes the discharged batteries from the car and puts it on a conveyer belt.
This belt takes the battery to an underground battery recharge point and replaces it with a completely charged battery.

In such a case replacing a battery will need a similar battery in good condition already being recharged, which might be hard to find, especially in rural areas.
Designer Metin Giousouf has designed a low-tech solution for quick charge – replace the batteries with recharged ones when a car comes in for a recharge. The whole process is done in a couple of minutes so you can drive away your car immediately.

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