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The Daihatsu Alternator has long been used as an alternative to the Vauxhall, Ford etc standard items as they can be around 2-3kg lighter, fit in much smaller places and run at much higher revs.
Alternatively, companies like SBD, Brise and Racemettle do very small racing alternators, albeit a little more expensive than you can pick up from the breakers but they will be new and have wiring instructions, fitting kits and such like. Wiring the Nippon Denso alternators is very easy even though my local Auto electrician said it couldn't be done!
There are many variants of this type of alternator (27 according to my Local Auto Electrician) but most of them fall into two types of fittings, Three connectors (Type 1) and Four connectors (Type 2).
This did not work on my alternator, the ignition light did not work but it was outputting charge to the battery, it may work on your alternator.

Fitting one of these Alternators to your engine can also be done in many ways, in true Kitcar style.
Plus, they're designed and manufactured for extremely condition to meet your specific demand. DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here. Another popular choice is the Toyota Starlet and Bedford Rascal (van) which are equally small and light. When searching for them, try and get the plug that fits into the connector socket as this makes for a tidier installation although this is not absolutely necessary.

VBT Dry Charge Car Batteries share many technological innovations that have made them the most reliable car battery. Also, they usually come with an insulating cap on the main battery feed post (grey in colour). Try and get this too as it will prevent anything shorting out against the main batter connector.

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