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Knowing how hard choosing the right leisure battery can be, Manbat Ltd have found the solution with their well-known Numax batteries and have come up with a new range of high quality, yet affordable leisure batteries.
The new range offers batteries of three categories from the very best A class range to the more affordable C class battery, all following the NCC’s leisure battery scheme to make sure you the customer is put first. If you are a customer who requires a higher cyclic capacity in your battery, Numax’s DC range provides you with the ideal solution. At the peak of Numax’s new leisure range is the XD range, consisting of the XDC extra cyclic batteries and the XDT super cyclic XDT30MF. The final battery in Numax’s all new leisure range is the XDT30MF which is a class A rating, consisting of 115Ah it is the perfect battery for more difficult environmental conditions. With Numax’s new range it has never been easier to choose a leisure battery that’s the right choice for you.
In a perfect world, you’ll never have to encounter the inconvenience of a completely flat battery. The Noco Genius Boost GB40 is a powerful and versatile piece of equipment that can safely jump start a dead battery in seconds.
The Noco GB40 is able to instantly jump start most single-battery applications up to 20 times on a single charge. Modern improvements have resulted in more stable batteries which are less prone to leakage and therefore safer. Since then, the company has continually expanded, including the acquisition of established brands Powercell and Battery Power Systems Ltd. In this article,we continue our A-Z of all things battery (and get a little scientific along the way). The key to how a car battery produces energy is down to a scientific invention known as the Galvanic Cell, named after prominent Italian scientist Luigi Aloisio Galvani. Whilst most people refer to a single cell as a battery, by true definition a battery should always consist of multiple cells – just like in the automotive battery today.
In its simplest form, a Galvanic or Voltaic cell works on the principle that if contact is made between two different metals using a conductive material, energy is exchanged. The state of charge of a lead-acid battery can be estimated from the density of the sulfuric acid solution used as electrolyte. Random fact – the exact same principle can also be used to measure the quality of antifreeze solution. Modern cars have more and more electronics, making battery reliability more important than ever. Whilst most automobiles require a single 12 volt battery for ignition, heavier industrial vehicles may need multiple batteries that are set up to provide a combined voltage of 24 volts.
There are two key measurements that reflect a battery’s suitability for a given vehicle – Ampere Hours (A-h) and Cold Cranking Amps (CCA). Whilst this winter’s storms may have played havoc on the roads, thanks to the mild temperatures many motorists have been spared the usual battery problems associated with the season. However, even batteries that have kept going throughout the winter months may still be due for replacement.
Choosing the optimum battery to begin with will ensure that the best possible performance is provided by this essential component. The Manbat Battery Finder is a powerful lookup tool that allows you to search for the best battery for almost any vehicle using either the registration number, VIN or make and model details. The lookup caters not only for cars, vans and motorcycles using traditional batteries, but also has a constantly updated database for newer vehicles with start-stop technology. If you have the registration number handy, all you need to do is type it in the box and our powerful database will find a selection of the best batteries for you. Scroll down the page, and you will find a full technical information sheet which can be printed for your convenience. With access to one of the UK’s largest and most up to date vehicle databases, our results are as comprehensive and accurate as possible. In this article, we continue our A-Z of car batteries with a look at the next three letters of the alphabet. As well as producing direct current, a car battery requires direct current to charge, which is why all AC power is instantly transformed to DC when a battery is a main part of a system, as occurs in an automotive application, such as motorcycles, cars and trucks. Domestic and commercial battery chargers, as well as quick start devices are typically supplied by AC power and feature circuitry to convert this to DC.
An electrolyte is defined as a substance that produces an electrically conducting solution when dissolved in a polar solvent, such as water. In a traditional lead acid battery, each cell contains two plates – one made of lead and the other made of lead dioxide. Lead dioxide, hydrogen ions and SO4 ions, plus electrons from the lead plate, create PbSO4 and water on the lead dioxide plate.
With a traditional car battery, it is important to try to maintain a charge of at least 50% in order to prevent excessive formation of water, which will cause the battery to stop charging and eventually fail.
Modern VRLA batteries such as Gel and Agm batteries are slightly different, as the electrolyte is not stored in a liquid form but in the form of a thick gel (Gel) or contained within a fibreglass mesh (AGM). AGM batteries are also more electrically reliable, making them the favourable choice for many modern cars which feature lots of on board electronics. As mentioned in the previous section, it is important to maintain a charge level of at least 50% in a traditional battery. To help avoid excessive discharge, turn off all nonessential electrical features when starting the car and ensure they are off when the vehicle is not running.
Because a traditional lead acid battery contains the electrolyte in a liquid form, damage to the housing can cause leakage. If a battery is unused for a significant period of time, separation will occur inside, making the battery much less likely to transfer current between the terminals when you try to start it again. Just as with any other industry specialist, with what we do here at Manbat comes our own very special language. We’ve put together an A-Z of all things battery to help you know your battery essentials and learn a fact or two along the way.
The glass mat is also designed to prevent evaporation, meaning that AGM batteries do not need topping up. Another advantage of AGM batteries is that the vertical movement of electrolyteis prevented by the mats. Whether it’s for a car, a watch or even a toy, there are few people who do not know what a battery is and what it looks like.
Each cell within a battery has a positive terminal known as a cathode and a negative terminal called the anode. When the battery is connected to an external circuit, electrons flow from the negative terminal and deliver energy to an external device. It is the movement of those ions within the battery which allows current to flow out of the battery to perform work. Cold cranking amperes (CCA) refers to the amount of current a battery can provide at 0 °F (?18 °C). It is a relatively demanding test and is the most widely used cranking measurement for comparison purposes.
Measuring cold cranking amps gives a good idea of what can be expected from a battery in some of the worst conditions possible for starting a vehicle. Never Attempt to Charge a Vehicle Battery without first reviewing the Instructions of the Charger to be used. Connect the charger leads to the battery; red positive (+) lead to the positive (+) terminal and black negative (-) lead to the negative (-) terminal. Always turn the charger “OFF” before removing the charger leads from the battery to avoid dangerous sparks. A drop in temperature can affect the chemical process inside the battery and cause it to slow down and reduce the ability it has to hold charge.
If you are planning a long journey and your car has not been used for a few days during a cold spell, your battery may need charging before you head out. If your battery is more than five years old and showing signs of difficulty to start, it is worth considering getting it replaced.
If you do find the cold temperatures have an impact and you require a replacement battery, our full range of automotive batteries are available around the country through our extensive distribution network.
If you’ve ever suffered the let-down of a flat car battery, you’ll know what a drain it is. Causes are varied but fall into two broad categories – either something electrical (such as the lights) were left on, or the battery has become unserviceable and needs replacing.
Modern vehicles are equipped with a number of on-board computers that control and monitor various systems. Premature battery failures can be caused by defective charging systems that cause the battery to be over, or under-charged; or other electrical faults.
Your vehicle’s on-board computers may require particular procedures to be carried out when the battery has been replaced. Although the name may imply otherwise, Lead Acid batteries can be considered the environmental success story of our time. Motor vehicle batteries or ‘lead batteries’  gain their environmental edge from their closed-loop life cycle. Prior to recycling, it is important to remember that you should always store and dispose of used car batteries carefully to avoid danger.
Safety is paramount at all times when handling car batteries, and disposing of them is no exception. Carry out a thorough inspection of the battery’s condition before moving it; using an inspection lamp to check all sides of the battery for marks, dents or leaks.
If the battery has any severe dents or leaks then contact a professional mechanic or breakdown service for assistance and get it repaired or replaced; Do not attempt to move it. The battery is delivered to a registered recycling facility, where it is broken down into components for the recycling process to begin.
The polypropylene pieces are washed, blown dry and sent to a plastic recycler where the pieces are melted together into an almost-liquid state. The lead components of the battery including grids, lead oxide and other lead parts are cleaned and then melted together in smelting furnaces.
Once cool, the ingots are removed from the molds and sent to battery manufacturers, where they are re-melted and used in the production of new lead plates and other parts for new batteries. Old battery acid is a highly corrosive mineral acid and, if not handled with proper caution, can be dangerous. The first approach to treatment involves neutralising the acid with an industrial compound that is not unlike household baking soda. To learn more about Manbat’s commitment to the environment, visit our recycling page, where you will find information including our Environmental Policy, compliance guidance on waste batteries and more information about our parent company Ecobat technologies –  the only company worldwide which operates a completely closed recycling loop for lead-acid batteries.
This is a validation field to stop spam, if you want to send this message, leave this field empty. If you aren’t up to monkeying around with your car, then you can pay the road rescue fee on your insurance. When you have a car that is three years old or more and enjoy doing a little tinkering here and there, there are some car battery care tips you should follow.
Subscribe To Our NewsletterJoin our mailing list to receive coupons and news from our team. Mother Nature can wear us down with heat, but your car battery can also feel the burn in the summer. Most people believe that car batteries suffer performance issues in the winter, but the Car Care Council says that the summer heat can cause serious issues to your battery. Corrosion will be on a mission to ruin your battery life, but you can take preventive measures to stop corrosion from causing damage to your battery. If you were unable to purchase that corrosion spray, you may see a buildup around the terminals. There are a few commons issues that some people may not be aware of when it comes to car battery care.

Proper car battery care is a mixture of establishing your own maintenance routine and working with a qualified mechanic.
Our mechanics are highly trained and use state-of-the-art Automotive diagnostic equipment to pinpoint your particular issues, repair it, and get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Call Auto Stop Limited, Inc at 410-467-7600 or fill out and submit the form below for a quick response from a Auto Stop Limited, Inc representative.
Car batteries can cost hundreds of dollars to replace and you want to do all you can to also avoid an inconvenient battery failure too.
For a lot of people their car battery is a bit of a set and forget component, relying on it to start their vehicle time after time and only giving it any attention when it no longer does its job! But there are some simple car battery care tips you can follow to help your battery give you as many years of good, reliable service as possible.
Joel’s relationship with cars stems back to his early childhood learning to change oil and brakes with his father and uncle. The Midtronics PBT-300 displays the CCA (cold cranking amps) power of the battery and the LEDs indicate battery condition, too. In addition to displaying the CCA power, the Midtronics meter also tells you what the available voltage is. Now let's talk about what you need to perform battery care and to keep your cranking power up to snuff.
Battery charger - every garage should have a good battery charger available to keep the power level up on seldom-used vehicles or to charge dead batteries. This industrial-strength battery charger from NAPA features multiple charge power ranges and can also be used to jump start a vehicle with a totally-dead battery. A trickle charger is a particularly useful piece of gear for vehicles that are stored over the winter or used infrequently; a trickle charger will maintain a full charge on the vehicle's battery without overcharging it and draws very little household current while in use.
A trickle charger like this Battery Tender will keep your battery fully charged without overcharging it. While a battery load tester is not an absolute necessity, it's inexpensive enough (under $70) to have a place in your garage. A battery load tester will accurately report the condition of a battery in a minute or two and let you know if it's time to replace the battery or not. Another absolutely essential piece of equipment for any garage is a good set of booster cables.
Jumper boxes, also called "hot boxes," are self-contained batteries with terminal clamps attached that are designed for jump-starting vehicles with weak or dead batteries.
A jumper box, also called a 'hot box', can be a real lifesaver when you have a dead or weak battery.
There are a couple of small items that should also be considered 'garage essentials' when it comes to battery care. Always make sure that the electrolyte in your battery is up to the proper level, adding water as required to top it off. A lot of folks maintain that you should never store your battery on a cold cement garage floor over the winter months. So, hopefully, now you know just about everything you need to know about your collector car's battery, how to care for it and how to keep it in tip top shape. Along with the prestigious NCC approval, Numax is a trusted brand offering durability and reliability for all conditions. Starting with the NCC class C DC24MF battery, the DC range also offers three different batteries all B classed by the NCC showing a step up in quality of the products. The XD range consists of dual purpose batteries which provide you with the highest quality battery for your caravan or motorhome. The XDC24MF offering 80Ah is renowned for its high performance and is regarded to be the best battery in its size category despite the fact it is only able to gain a C class NCC rating due to casing constraints.
The 30MF also brags its ability to achieve over 1,000 cycles; it also carries tubular plate technology making it more robust. Manbat Ltd are proud of their product and assure that it will provide quality, reliability and performance making Numax the right leisure battery for you. Looking after your battery properly will go a long way towards preventing this frustrating situation, but now and again jump starting is the only option to get a vehicle started. It is suitable not just for cars, but also for boats, motorcycles, motorhomes, snowmobiles and commercial vehicles – you name it, it starts it!
Invented by French physicist Gaston Plante in 1859, it is the oldest type of rechargeable battery.
These include gel batteries, which as the name suggests, contain the electrolyte in the form of a gel rather than a liquid and Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) which uses a glass fibre matt soaked in electrolyte. After all, we are one of the UK’s leading automobile battery suppliers with a proud history that spans more than half a century. The Manbat company is now headquartered in a 3000 m2 site in Shrewsbury, which also forms the main distribution centre.
If you would like to contact a member of the team, use our online contact form or call us on 01743 218511 and we will be happy to help. It is also sometimes referred to as the Voltaic Cell, after another Italian scientist – Allesandro Volta, who is widely credited as the inventor of the electric battery. Did you know that a battery hydrometer is actually widely considered to be the most effective way to determine whether a battery is fully charged? A hydrometer is an instrument that measures the specific gravity or relative density of a liquid. A hydrometer calibrated to read specific gravity relative to water at 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15.5°C) is a standard tool for servicing automobile batteries.
In addition, some cars also use a reserve battery as an additional power source for driving. Amp hours refers to the amount of energy that can be stored by the battery and is a legal requirement in Europe. We supply and distribute top quality Varta, Lucas and Numax batteries across the entire UK. Try the Manbat Battery Finder to get the best battery for any vehicle, along with technical specifications, fitting instructions, MSDS and more.
Every car battery has an optimum lifespan, and this can be reduced by all manner of factors. Now, with the new Manbat Battery Finder, finding the right battery for any car, motorcycle or LCV just got a whole lot easier.
Based on the vehicle details you have provided, the Battery Finder will show you a selection of the best possible batteries from our range of top manufacturers – Varta, Lucas and Numax.
Click on any of the results and you will be able to access all the essential information including 20hr capacity, starting Power (CCA) and estimated fitment time.
In addition, there is also a downloadable Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) available for every battery. We specialise in offering the very best vehicle batteries from our suppliers including top manufacturers such as Varta, Lucas and Numax.
This means that whilst household electricity known as alternating current (AC) provides electric in the form of a wave, the power output from a car battery appears much closer to a straight line. The characteristic voltage is about 2 volts per cell, so by combining six cells you get a 12-volt battery. This makes them less vulnerable to leakage and therefore generally safer, as well as reducing the risk of failure in cold conditions as they do not tend to produce water buildup to the same extent as a traditional lead acid battery.
However, with a quality battery and the right level of care and maintenance, the good news is that the majority of failures can be avoided.
This ensures that the electrolyte solution does not undergo a complete transformation that leaves the battery with a high volume of water and no ability to transfer current between the terminals. Not only can this be harmful to both humans and the wider environment, over time it will leave your battery without the essential fluid it needs in order to function and once the electrolyte has fallen to a certain level it will stop working. Also, a gathering of substances in the bottom of the battery can actually cause the terminals to short out, discharging any energy that may remain.
To learn more about the technical specifications of our products along with a wealth of battery related information, visit the technical section of our website.
For many suppliers, distributors and fitters the terms we use to talk about batteries are highly familiar. Unlike with traditional batteries which contain reservoirs of acid, AGM batteries contain glass fibre mat soaked in electrolyte as a replacement to the typical spacer between cells.
As a result, the batteries can be completely sealed, making them ideal for use in portable applications. In a traditional lead acid battery, the heavier acid molecules had a tendency to sink to the bottom if the battery was stored, eventually causing damage.
Admittedly, each of the above examples are very different in appearance, but ultimately they all have the same purpose and function in a similar way. The terminal marked positive is at a higher electrical potential energy than the terminal marked negative. During this process, electrolytes are able to move as ions within, allowing the chemical reactions to be completed at the separate terminals and so deliver energy to the external circuit. Although the term battery technically means a device with multiple cells, single cells are also popularly called batteries. It should be noted, however, that whilst there are instances where someone may need to start a vehicle in temperatures colder than 0°F or crank an engine for longer than 30 seconds, these are generally exceptions and not representative of typical usage. To minimise the impact of the cold spell on your day to day routine, ensure you take the necessary steps to protect your car battery, which can be particularly susceptible to failure at this time of year. Ensure all devices are switched off and unplugged (where relevant) when not in use as they can have a high demand on your battery.
Older batteries are more prone to a reduced performance so checking and charging the battery if needed on a weekly basis is recommended. Turn off everything electrical in your vehicle and dip the clutch to reduce the load on your battery before turning the ignition.
One of the biggest reasons for roadside recoveries during winter is car battery related problems. This significantly helps drive down fuel consumption, saving you money on fuel and lowering the impact of driving on the environment.
When a used battery is collected, it is sent by the manufacturer or local authority recycling centre to an authorised recycling facility where, under strict environmental regulations, the lead and plastic are reclaimed and sent to a new battery manufacturer.
Today, this service is often operated by the major battery suppliers, making use of their own transport networks.
The battery is broken apart in a hammermill, a machine that hammers the battery into pieces, which then go into a vat, where the lead and heavy materials fall to the bottom while the plastic rises to the top. The molten plastic is put through an extruder that produces small plastic pellets of a uniform size. This turns the acid into water, which is then treated, cleaned and tested to be sure it meets clean water standards. This takes a material that would be discarded and turns it into a useful product – adding even more value to the battery lifecycle. If you’re driving with a new battery then you’ll only have an occasional problem like when you leave an interior light on all night. One phone call will have someone come to your rescue right away and usually the cost for this is less than $30 per year.
You will wear your battery out quickly when you need to run the air conditioning full blast as soon as you get into the car.
It’s true that continuous short trips can wear out the battery, but the battery will also suffer if it does not receive a charge for extended lengths of time. There are different kinds of anti-corrosion concoctions available at your local auto store, but there are sprays to prevent battery corrosion that are simple to apply. In order to exercise proper car battery care, removing corrosion and debris should be a part of your regular maintenance. We promise to diagnose your auto repair problems in an honest and professional manner and all of our work is 100% guaranteed!

Our auto mechanics use the latest in diagnostic technology to get you and your car on the road safely and quickly. And while a digital multimeter will readily tell you the voltage of your battery, it can't give you a clue as to the conductance. The lit yellow LED tells me this battery's condition is low and it's nearing the end of its useful life cycle.
With a price tag of a few hundred bucks, this is more power than most folks need or want, unless you subscribe to the 'bigger is better' school of thought.
There are several different brands of trickle chargers available, and some are even capable of maintaining the battery charge on several vehicles simultaneously - something of interest to you readers with multiple-car stables. This is a very useful piece of equipment for vehicles that are infrequently used or stored for long periods of time.
A battery load tester will, as the name implies, subject the battery to a simulated load and then accurately report its condition in a couple of minutes. And when shopping for a set of booster cables, the best advice I can give you here is not to be penny-wise and dollar-foolish.
Again, as with other tool and gear purchases, don't go with the bargain basement jumper box - spend a few dollars more to get one that has plenty of cranking amperage because a weak jumper box that doesn't have enough power to turn your engine over isn't of any use. Essentially, it is a sealed, rechargeable 12-volt battery enclosed in an easy-to-carry case and it has cables and terminal clamps already attached.
The sharp, abrasive bristles scrape the surface of the terminals to remove slag and oxidation; the blades at the opposite end are for scraping the terminal cable clamps. This is particularly important in hot weather, when the level tends to drop quickly due to evaporation.
While I'm not going to comment one way or the other on whether storing it on cement as opposed to a wooden shelf is OK or not, I will say that the most important thing is to make sure the battery does not freeze - a charged battery will not freeze, but a discharged one will freeze. Finally the XDT30MF has both an enhanced life expectancy and enhanced performance in order to gain a lower depth of discharge, making it an extremely high quality, reliable battery.
Even with a relatively new and healthy battery, leaving electronics such as the lights or radio on for a prolonged period will soon consume enough power that there is insufficient remaining to start the engine. The ultra-safe, ultra-compact, rugged, and portable lithium-ion jump starter features spark proof technology and reverse polarity protection. Relatively inexpensive, lead acid batteries are favoured for use in cars and other internal combustion vehicles because they are able to deliver a high ‘surge power’ – the initial energy required to get the engine started. The origins of the present day name Manbat date back to 1952, when founder Harry Pemberton began the Manchester Batteries company in Abergele, North Wales.
Together with our regional service centres, we can now get the battery you need to any location on the UK by the next day. Both scientists were fascinated by the concept of electricity – so much so that they frequently disagreed. When electrode A has more negativity than electrode B, electrons are attracted to electrode B – creating a unidirectional electrical current. The main purpose of a car battery, however, has not really changed for many years – to provide the power required to ignite the engine. In addition, we are able to provide a wealth of resource for professionals in the automotive sector.
Simply enter the relevant number and hit search, and you will get the results just as with the registration lookup.
A new view will then open that allows you to input the vehicle type and details of make and model. When the battery is in use, lead combines with SO4 (sulfate) to create PbSO4 (lead sulfate), plus one electron. Be sure to also stay up to date with our latest news, where we frequently publish interesting and informative battery related articles. This effect, known as stratification, also caused the acid to separate and a layer of water to be formed, which could cause batteries to freeze in cold conditions.
Regardless, the CCA rating for a battery is still an important performance indicator that offers a general idea of how a battery is designed to perform in the most demanding of conditions. Just like the ones in your TV remote control, car batteries need to be replaced at some point. It can mean that when the vehicle is left standing for a long period, when left in an airport car park for example, the battery can slowly discharge.
However, battery failure can occur in as little as three years, depending on the usage, maintenance and seasonal temperatures.
Batteries are fitted in various locations such as the foot well, in the boot or even under the seats. When you compare this to averages of 55% of aluminum soft drink and beer cans, 45% of newspapers, 26% of glass bottles and 26% of tyres, it soon becomes evident that lead-acid batteries come top of the list of the most highly recycled consumer products. This makes lead battery disposal extremely successful from both environmental and cost perspectives.
At this point, the polypropylene elements are collected and the liquids are removed, leaving the lead and heavy metals. But if your car is several years old then car battery problems can be frequent and you need to do some maintenance. If it is over 100 degrees outside you’ll need the air to run constantly, especially in stop and go traffic.
The best car battery care tips in that case is to buy a top of the line battery that has a great warranty from A1 Performance Auto Repair. If you don’t have the need to drive very often, just starting the car and driving it around the block can help prevent the battery life from going flat. You can clean it off with screwdrivers or pliers, but if you see massive buildup, you will want to visit a mechanic.
To measure and check conductance, you need a meter capable of this function, such as the Midtronics PBT-300. Most users can get by with a modest charger in the under $100 price range, but if you have several vehicles you may find it to be a better investment to go with a heavy-duty charger that has a fast-charge cycle on it as well. These devices sell for under $100, are available from numerous sources, and are an excellent investment for maintaining the charge on your battery and, in so doing, prolonging its useful life. Knowing the condition of the battery is good information to have, since recharging a bad battery only gives it temporary or "surface power". Spend a few dollars extra to get a really good set of cables with multi-stranded conductors, preferably shielded, of at least 15-feet in length.
There are several different jumper boxes available from different manufacturers and they vary in CCA (cold cranking amps), price and other features that may or may not be important to you. This Husky unit has a built-in voltage meter that gives you an accurate reading of the cranking power available and the charge state of the jump box.
These are inexpensive (under $10) and are wonderful for cleaning both the posts of the battery as well as the terminal clamps to remove oxidation, slag, corrosion and other foreign material that can interfere with a good connection.
While purists maintain that distilled water is the best to use for battery longevity, using tap water is still a lot better than not adding any water at all.
And once the cells in a battery freeze, the battery's life, for all intents and purposes, is over, since it will not hold a charge (if it even takes one) sufficient to crank your engine. However, they have received a makeover providing you with even more quality and higher performance levels to improve the product yet at the same prices, in addition, to this the LV range offers the all new LV26MF. The final battery in the DC range is the DC31MF which offers 105Ah for those requiring more power.
The name of the lead acid battery comes from its internal structure – it is basically comprised of cells with two metal plates made from lead, which are separated by an electrolyte reservoir of sulphuric acid. AGM technology also results in a generally more stable battery that performs better after storage and in cold conditions, amongst others.
The company remained under the ownership and direction of the Pemberton family until then Managing Director Roger Pemberton retired in 2009.
Whilst they both made significant discoveries, it is probably more true to say that it was actually Volta who really invented the battery as we know it today. Whilst this was an important consideration in older cars, modern fuel-injected cars tend to start within seconds, meaning that it is much less relevant today. The intelligent system is programmed to limit each result to those that are relevant for the given make or model, so that a minimum of effort is required to complete the details. To find out more or contact a member of the team now, contact us online or give us a call on 01743 218500. Because there is no excess liquid, the electrolyte will not escape even if the battery is split or punctured.
The AGM design eliminates such problems, making them less likely to fail in cold conditions. Here are 10 car battery facts that may indicate you need a new battery – and, if so, why you should replace it. However, be aware that if it’s not the original battery, it might not even be the correct battery type for the car – so check the owners’ manual or call an expert if in any doubt. One of the unique qualities of plastic is its ability to be reused over and over again, and the plastic in a vehicle battery is no exception. When driving like this is a necessity every day, spend the big bucks for a maintenance-free battery with a 3-year warranty. Next, the age of your battery may be the issue if your car is not performing as it normally does.
It will set you back quite a bit more than a good multimeter, but it's still an affordable - and very useful - tool to have in your garage.
It's important not to skimp on a charger, however - you definitely want to get one that has built-in overload protection, since this will protect both the charger and the battery.
The bottom line here is that a freshly charged battery may accept and hold a surface charge, yet still not have enough power to crank an engine over. The spring clamps on both ends should also be insulated and have good mating on the "teeth" of the clamp so that they will grip the battery terminals securely. Some of the better jumper boxes also have built-in lights, charge gauges and some even have air compressors to pump up a slow leak on the roadside. It also features a cigarette lighter socket, a handy feature for powering 12V accessory items. And the other essential item is a battery terminal wrench if you have a side-terminal battery.
I do not recommend bottled spring water, however, since it may contain minerals that can hasten the demise of the battery.
The company then started a new and exciting era within the Eco-Bat Technologies Group with Steve Sheppard at the helm. After a short time, the impurities, otherwise known as dross, float to the top of the still-molten lead in the ingot molds. Plus, it also tests the condition of your starter and alternator, so it's a lot more than just a battery tester.
A cheap, thin set of cables won't conduct sufficient electricity to successfully jump the battery and the cables will become hot, indicating that they are not good conductors.
One very useful feature to look for in a jumper box, however, is a 12V 'cigarette lighter' outlet which is very handy for powering battery-operated vacuum cleaners, 12V impact wrenches and other accessories without draining your vehicle's battery.
By purchasing a good set of booster cables you'll be getting a piece of gear that should last you for many years and give you trouble-free service. Think about it for a minute - what good is a set of booster cables that don't do what they're supposed to do when you need them?

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