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With the increasing popularity of auto services like AAA, fewer people are carrying jumper cables, and even fewer know how to use them properly.  Not to mention the unlikelihood that someone will take the time to help a stranger these days.
If you want a portable car battery charger, but you don’t have a good handle on how to choose one, please take a look at our article Key Functionality To Look For In A Battery Jump Starter  so that you understand how to compare. The chargers we have listed in our Top 5 are both popular and provide great overall performance for the money.  Opinions will differ on whether we have picked the best of the best, but we have tried to provide enough information for you to compare and make up your own mind.
If you’re lucky enough to have AAA, that’s great!  I speak from experience though that many things can go wrong that would cause AAA to be delayed even hours in getting to you to jump start your car.  Meanwhile, you’re stuck, possibly at night, without lights in a lonely parking lot or awkwardly by the side of the highway. If you don’t have AAA surely someone will see you’re in trouble and offer to assist you.  If you’re lucky enough to have anyone nearby that could help you, the chances of them actually having jumper cables is very slim. If you carry a set, how likely is it that a stranger is going to want to use their vehicle to jump start your car.  If it’s done improperly, it can hurt the electrical system of modern cars, fry the computer, or do other damage. With that in mind, please take moment to look through our list of the Top 5 portable car battery chargers to see if one of them is the perfect choice for you and your peace of mind.
What do you think of our list?  Which portable car battery charger are you planning to buy?
Thanks for reading!  I hope this article has provided you with information you can use to confidently choose a portable car battery charger!
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So what other batteries fit besides the Quest and Interstate batteries both which are very expensive?

Try pulling oh it, I was able to able to get an inch or two of extra cable on our M3's cable. For instance you could put the plywood under the battery and then make a new hold down using pipe hanger strap running from the top of the picture to the bottom across the cell filler holes. Form it into a big "U" shape and hold it down with screws fitted into the same holes the BMW bolts go into.
But like I said before, if the current battery doesn't have the vent tube you are running a big risk using it. NRG eVgo announced a new offer of charging stations for those who live in multi-family housing communities in California. If programs like Take Charge are successful, it could for sure open electric cars to a broader market. I’m pretty sure their L2 rates will negate whatever savings a renter may get by going with an EV. I agree, the monthly charge would probably eat up any savings an apartment dweller would have in purchasing an electric car.
The end on the cable doesn't appear to be loose in your photo, and it should just be crimped on, so grab some pliers and mash away or solder it to the copper wires to re-establish a bond. If you mean that it won't clamp tight enough, run a small self tapping screw down between the post and the clamp. By your description, I am guessing the culprit is the same as the blue sharpie marked clamp in your supplied photo. AutoZone has several battery terminal leads, something like eight inches or even a foot of cable.

Any price and availability information displayed on the merchant site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. So far in my experience they are putting their chargers at good locations but are one of the most expensive charging options out there. One made out of a coke can should be the perfect thickness although I'd recommend asking Keith J about aluminum and steel reacting when electrified. I'd take a closer look at it and see if you could swing by a local audio place and grab 5 feet of quality 8ga and some ring terminals and replace the whole wire. I can't tell from the pic if the battery terminal is a post or threaded but either way, it will cost much less than $200. Living near Montreal, Quebec in Canada, where we usually have harsh, cold winters, I am wondering which of those shown on this website are (a) available in Quebec and (b) most suitable to our cold winters. And it's impossible to put a piece of wood underneath the battery because there is a notch at the base of the battery that sticks into a groove on the bottom of the trunk.
Last battery (SLI91-LI)lasted 8 yrs and was still going strong but I replaced due to age and not wanting to get caught with a dead battery out in the boonies! I think you'll need a new battery That's not her teminal pictured, just a pic showing the setup on her car I found online. If its threaded, you can skip the terminal and just stack the rings under a bolt and washer.

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