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That would have been my number one option but the way it's routed is a big pain in this car.
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In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic. Check if the battery is fully charged, recharge and test the battery if fail, replace the battery.
This usually means a dead battery, check the battery terminals for corrosion bad connection. This means a weak battery, check if the battery is fully charged, recharge and test the battery. Connect one of the + positive clamp of the jumper cables to the positive + terminal of the dead battery, then connect the other + positive clamp of the jumper cables to the + positive terminal of the good battery.
Connect one of the - negative clamp of the jumper cables to the – negative terminal of the good battery. Connect the other end of the - negative clamp jumper cable to any metal part of the engine on the dead battery’s car. Jump start the car, run the car with good battery connected for a few minutes, then disconnect the jumper. Connect one of the + positive cable from the portable jump starter to the positive + terminal of the dead battery, then connect the - negative cable from the portable jump starter to any metal part of the engine on the dead battery’s car. Then jump start the car, run the car with the portable jump starter connected for a few minutes, then disconnect the jump starter.
How to Check Car Battery check battery regularly, all the modern batteries are sealed and maintenance free.
Note: never work on a battery with a cigarette or near the flame, batteries generates hydrogen gas. When replacing battery or cables, always remove the negative cable first and connect it last.
Best way is to use a battery terminal brush, rotate the brush on each terminal to shine it, ensure a good electrical connection. Usually sealed batteries have a built in hydrometer to indicate charge, usually shows average charge for all cells.
Clear or yellow indicator means level of electrolyte inside has dropped too low, the battery should be replaced.
A light or bright dot indicates low electrolyte water, such a battery needs to be replaced, do not charged it.
Be sure area around battery is well ventilated during charging process, locate charger as far from battery as the cables permit.
Dan lenox's vortex build chronicle (recently renamed: dummies guide to building a vortex) it's for sale! To retain develop talent, echoing green believes companies infuse purpose authentically link chain. A user experience design software development firm delivers innovative transformative mobile, web desktop apps set clients .. Copyright © 2012 Share The Knownledge, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Well today I hooked the booster pack up and waited a good 5 mins and started her, my HU started to flash etc it reset itself of all things never in the years have I owned the car did this happen. When you put it back into the car and start the car, (assuming it's good at this point) you will likely see over 14V if the alternator is working - maybe over 15 if it's still very cold outside.
It may be sulfated slightly from sitting with a low charge - but being fairly new hopefully this can be corrected.
When I went away for a few weeks last year, I put a small solar panel on my dashboard to help keep the battery topped-up. If it really is a defective battery, I would be quite disappointed that Walmart wouldn't honor your warranty - there should be a date code somewhere on the battery that they can reference.
I would test for a Parasitic Drain by charging the battery and leaving it sit, dissconnected from the car. To test for a parasitic drain, you need to be able to disconnect the battery and then use a DMM with at least a 10 amp range to measure for current between the disconnected (negative) cable and the battery terminal. If you find that the drain is high, start to remove fuses one at a time where you suspect the drain may be coming from. This is putting your meter in series with the power going to the car, so that it can measure how much current is being drawn from the battery. You're wanting to measure current, so you'll need to set the meter to measure Amps, not Volts. I didn't realize that you have a dual terminal battery - but that won't really make any difference.
Hopefully you'll just find out that the battery is pooched - it's easier to replace than trying to figure out what may be drawing too much power.
The battery needs to be charged before you try the current draw test - otherwise it won't be accurate.

As a rough guideline, problems with the battery, alternator and starter are the most common causes of a car or truck failing to start.As a professional mechanic, I have diagnosed and fixed hundreds of vehicle that were unable to start up.
If you still have any unresolved vehicle problems or questions, you can ask an auto mechanic online.
To troubleshoot, repair and maintain your vehicle, you'll need diagnostic and repair information that is specific to your car or truck. My car won't start one day so I jump started it and then it started making a loud clicking noise while I was driving it and while the engine idled.Next day car started okay with no clicking noise, but the next time I tried to start it that day, it would not start. I have a 1994 Camaro v6 and after replacing the top two o2 sensors I was able to drive it home just fine but when I went to start it up again it would only turn over for a second or two and die.
Just got the brakes fixed on my 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 and noticed that it was hard to start and the battery indicator said batt was low (left it sitting for three weeks while out of town), so jumped it and took it to the shop for brakes.Just got the truck back and again it seemed hard to start, so figuring it just needed to charge I was going to let it sit but IT WONT START! When my 2006 Cobalt LT 2.2 liter sits for over a few hrs, it will not start on the first try but it has always started the second try. AUTO REPAIR HELPRecommended Auto Repair ManualsRecommended Auto Repair Tools and PartsGot a Question? Any actual physical damage to the body of the battery means that you should replace the entire unit at your earliest possible opportunity. In order to make sure your battery is in good condition you should check the top of your battery for dirt and electrolyte. The IntelliBoost RG600 by Rugged Geek is a compact lithium ion battery that you can use to jump start your car, inflate a flat tire, and have charge to spare to charge your phone or a laptop. I don't like to half-ass things so as long as this is a safe and reasonable -albeit not pretty- method, I'd like to give this a try. If necessary remove battery from vehicle to charge, turn off all accessories in the vehicle, then remove grounded terminal from battery first.
Back in Nov 07 took it off the road with a new battery from June 2007 650 Cold Cranking amp (was only $55) well every two weeks I would start it. You can connect the black lead from your meter to EITHER negative terminal on the battery - it won't matter which. You connect the red lead from your meter to the Negative CABLE that you just removed from the battery, or the engine block if that's easier.
Find what are the common reasons a car won't start and what to do to get your car up and running again. I have listed solutions to the most common problems I have seen below, as well as the most popular questions that I get from my visitors on this topic.
Before I even put the key into the ignition I hear a clicking noise on the right side may be under hood may be under the dash. Any suggestions?Answer: If it did not do this before you replaced the O2 sensors, then you must have either forgotten to plug something back in or you might have hit something.
What does it mean when your car is making a loud fast clicking noise and the engine doesn't turn over?
Whilst a failing battery will not generally result in your car breaking down on the road, it will prevent your vehicle from being started. Damaged batteries can leak in the engine and corrode other parts, so any sign that the battery’s casing is not in good condition should be taken seriously. Too much electrolyte on the top of the battery is usually caused by overfilling and is not a cause for concern – rather a sign that you should be more careful next time you fill your battery. As these batteries use a mix of water and acid in the cells to form the electrolyte the water can evaporate during the summer months.
Usually you will only have to add distilled water to the battery and if you see that a cell has run completely dry then you should check the battery to make sure there are no cracks in the casing. It comes in a case which is loaded with accessories, including mini jumper cables, an air compressor, a universal charging cable for iOS and Android devices, lots of different laptop ports, and a car charger.
Sometimes Murphy's Law will happen to you and you WILL have a battery explode because you jumped it by connecting the clips to the terminals directly.
They have a large pool of certified mechanics to answer your questions for a small fee and you can also browse their answers to other users for free. With full manuals for over 30,000 vehicles online, you will find an exact match for your vehicle's year, make and model.Besides being cheaper than a factory manual, they also offer step by step repair instructions and detailed diagrams beyond what is found in most printed manuals. Battery is drained to nothing (no lights inside car or out) once I put a charge on it, it will start, clicking noise goes away. When turning the key in the ignition while trying to jump the car, there was a clicking noise.Do you think this is a starter problem or could it be a broken timing belt? The first thing to do is re-check everything that you might had removed or disconnected to do this job.
There is no light on the dash and when I turn the key it says 'wait to start' as always but when I go to turn it on it tries to turn over but then just dies. I can tell that the ignition is working fine but it sounds like it isn't getting gas or something.I just replaced the fuel filter last night to see if that was the cause but then again this morning it took two times to try and start. We’d always advise that you do a quick visual inspection of your battery any time you open the bonnet of your car to check the oil, top up brake fluid or refill the car’s water tank. Equally you should replace frayed, worn or broken cables as soon as possible as these are a vital part of the engine’s starting system, carrying the charge that’s used to start the combustion process.

However, you will need to remove any dirt from the top of the battery as this can form an electrical bridge that can cause the battery to discharge when the vehicle is at a standstill. Also never add acid to a cell that already contains electrolyte – this can damage the electrical balance of the battery and cause failure.
I drive it and then when I park it and shut it off for 4 or more hours the same thing happens again. Most likely there is something that just was not hooked back up.If that is not the problem, then the next thing to do is put the old O2 sensors in and see if you have the same problem. I thought it was a fluke until I went to pick up my son (5 min drive) and came back to find my car wouldn't start, no sound again. What could be happening?Answer: It sounds like the jumper cables might not have had a good enough connection. The most likely cause of your problem is not enough voltage is getting to the starter.There are several common causes of this condition. This way you should be able to anticipate any problems with the battery before they happen, preventing that awkward moment in the morning where your car won’t start. Finally take a look at the fixings for the battery – any looseness could allow the battery to vibrate and the connections could be dislodged.
Use a screwdriver to pull of the cell cover to inspect the electrolyte levels – this should be well above the plates.
While O2 sensors aren't the usual culprits if your car won't start, but it's best to confirm. Even after trying to jump it for 5 min, the lights would come on but wouldn't start.My husband thought it was the battery, so he took it out and tested the voltage. I think it is a problem with something in the fuel system but am not sure why my car won't start on first attempt. If I do not put Gumout in my gas tank every time I fill up the car, the car starts to sputter while driving from 50 mph-60 mph.Recently every once in a while the car would start and stall, but it would always fire up on the second try. Also check all of your other connections to be sure they are clean and tight.You might even want to check all of the fuses. If it sat around with a low battery for very long, then it is most likely bad.You can have them tested at most auto parts stores for free. Yesterday, the car started fine and I drove it for a few errands, then when I got home I turned off the car, ran inside the house and came back out and my car won't start! This neutral safety switch will not send power to the starter until the gear shifter is in park or neutral.There is also a feature that will not let the gear shifter move out of park until you put your foot on the brake.
If the fluid does not reach this level then you should add distilled water – not tap water due to impurities within the liquid – to bring it up to the normal required level. When you add the water only use a plastic container or funnel as a metal one could touch the plates and cause the battery to discharge rapidly, which could injure you.
When it is on it is using battery power and this is probably what is running your battery down.Look for the fuse relay block under your hood. This test puts a load on the battery to see if it is good and is much more accurate than any other test.You should also check your battery cables and connections. I started to check the spark plug wires and they look fine, but when pull it off of the spark plug it has oil at the tip of it. If these parts get worn it might cause the problem that you are having.The most likely cause of your problem is this neutral safety switch that is not working correctly.
If the fuel pressure is low then you are looking at a fuel pump, or regulator problem most likely.
I'm guessing that when you step on your brake it causes the neutral safety switch contacts to move just a little and send power to your starter like it should.I think if you have your neutral safety switch replaced it should fix your problem of your car not starting. I know you're looking for car won't start help, but unfortunately I cannot be of much service.
If there is no spark when car won't start, then you are most likely looking at a problem with things like the ignition control module, coils, ignition switch etc. What could be the potential problems?Answer: The first thing that needs to be done is to see if you have spark and fuel pressure.
It could be one of your engine sensors, it could be one of several computers on your car, it could be a wiring problem, an ignition switch problem or even and anti-theft problem.You mentioned that putting the old battery in made it start again, so you might try cleaning and tightening the battery cables. If they are clean and tight, you might try wiggling them while someone tries to start it to see if that will get it to start.Other than that the best advice I can give you is to take it to a repair shop that you trust to diagnose it. This is something that the dealer might have to diagnose, but some really good independent repair shops could probably do it too. If you don't have good fuel pressure then you are looking at things like the fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator. If your engine truly didn't have any oil in it then there would be a light on the instrument panel and probably an audible warning of low oil pressure.The oil on the spark plugs is most likely caused by a bad valve cover gasket, but also shouldn't be a reason your car won't start.

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