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BGW Sponsored Links __________________ This advertising will not be shown in this way to registered members. Originally Posted by shaffer88 What size is that going to make my own soon I saw your post, didn’t want to post unsolicited advice but it was part of my motivation for getting this up today. You have to be careful to use pos on pos and neg on neg, the battery posts are different sizes.
Re: Battery cable Those automotive lugs would not work on any of the golf cart bats I have had in the past or present as the golf cart bats have bolt type terminal so lugs need to be held in place with a nut. Frigid temperatures and frozen precipitation may conspire against your car, but if you’re sufficiently prepared, then you should avoid most problems with ease. Your tires should have sufficient tread and also be inflated to your car manufacturer’s recommendations. Tires supply road traction, but it’s your brake system that helps bring your vehicle to a stop.
Coolant, also known as antifreeze, regulates the temperature of your engine by raising the boiling point in the summer, and lowering the freezing point in winter. As careful as you are as you winterize your car, there is one more matter to tend to — your emergency kit.
Employ this simple checklist and you’ll be ready for almost anything the wintry streets and highways can throw your way. For more information on how to winterize your car, chat with a knowledgeable expert at your local NAPA AUTO PARTS store. James Rogers, 72, of Port Arthur, Texas was locked inside his 2007 Chevy Corvette on Monday afternoon after the car's battery cable became looseHe was unable to escape as temperatures reached 92FMr Rogers and his dog Leia were later found dead inside the vehicle which he called his 'dream car'.

An elderly man and his dog were found dead inside his 'dream' sports car on Monday in the soaring heat after it appeared the electric doors and windows stopped working because the battery was dead.James Rogers, 72, of Port Arthur, Texas, became locked inside his 2007 Chevy Corvette after the car's battery cable became loose. James Rogers, 72, of Port Arthur, Texas, became locked inside his Chevy Corvette after the car's battery cable became loose with his pet dog. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. James Rogers, 72, had stopped for coffee at a Waffle House in Port Arthur, Texas, leaving his dog Leia inside his 2007 Corvette.
Police said Mr Rogers had gone to the car park to check on Leia and left his mobile phone inside the restaurant.
Investigators believe a cable to the Corvette’s battery became loose after Mr Rogers got in and shut the door, leaving the vehicle without any power to operate the horn, windows or door locks. He was found dead around four hours later by another restaurant patron as temperatures outside climbed above 90F (32.2C).
The Corvette has a manual release on the floorboard by the driver’s seat, but Mr Rogers was not aware of it.
Mr Rogers’ daughter, Tricia Hernandez, told 12News police had said there was evidence he had struggled to get out of the car. Firefighters eventually had to smash one of the windows after they were unable to get into the vehicle, but Mr Rodgers and his dog were already dead. If the fluid has lost its color or if you spot rusty particles floating in the fluid, then flush the system and replace it with new coolant.

Functioning headlamps, daytime running lights, fog lamps, turn signal lights, brake, backup and interior lights should be in working order. That kit should be stocked with jumper cables, duct tape, a flashlight, reflective triangles, a tire gauge, gloves, rags and tire sealant.
Before winter settles in, inspect the battery to ensure that all connection points are clean and free of debris. Install new brake pads or shoes as needed and resurface or replace the brake rotors or drums. Check the hoses as well — if they feel squishy to the touch or if you notice bulges, then replace them.
You can make this job easier by having someone observe each light as you activate and deactivate them. If you’re not getting enough heat, a defroster element or an a cabin air filter may need replacing. You can go one step further to ensure that the battery has enough life remaining by testing it with a voltmeter — it must read 12.45 volts or higher, otherwise the battery must be recharged or may need to be replaced.

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