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2013-03-02 For A8 D3 (04-10), there is no jump post in the engine bay, it’s in the trunk. To jump or charge the battery on the A8 D3 (2004-2010), never hook up the negative end directly to the battery negative post, only on the car negative pole just like the picture below. Sometimes, in case of emergency like needing a jump on battery or tow, we or our spouse may not know where all these important stuff are. 96 A6-The battery is under the rear passenger bench seat, therefore, it has the jumper cable posts in the engine bay. The most important thing when putting jumper cables on the car, RED (+ positive) and BLACK (- negative) on both cars while making a jump. Again, most terminal post should have a plastic cover to avoid accidental short from metal objects to the ground (negative) terminals. Q7 coolant reservoir is on the passenger side and the cap needs to be removed to check for the level.

Again, most positive terminal posts should have a plastic cover to avoid accidental short from metal objects to the ground (negative) terminals.
In case of dead battery with key stuck in the ignition, trunk doesn’t open (since we can jump start through the engine bay), read this post. This belt will drive alternator, power steering pump, etc… Sometimes when the belt broke, we should know how to replace the belt on our car.
The best is to get one of these cans on line because we may need it sometimes, especially if the car is over 100k miles. If we need to replace the battery, we just have to remove 2 screws holding the seat to the floors and lift the seat up.
Lift the black plastic cover, we should see a metal terminal where we can clip the RED positive cable on to it.
Since the battery is easily accessible, there’s no engine jump terminals that we know of, so when we need a jump for our battery, we use the battery location for jumper cables.

The Ground (Negative) terminal is exposed, this is where the black jumper cable should clamp on to in case of battery jumping. The coolant is red (we use prestone red coolant instead of the dealer’s), power steering is green (pentosin 11s), and the engine oil dipstick is orange (our little ring broke off).
Since the battery is NOT easily accessible, there are engine jump terminals for jumper cables. Since the belt drives so many pulleys, it’s good to know the diagram of the belt mounted and rotation.

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