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We also manufacture all types of Fork Lift Traction batteries as per customer requirement and capacity. Microporous synthetic separators used in battery to help and improve electrical performance & longer service life. Low-maintenance batteries used in Nissan vehicles are not maintenance ree and do require periodic inspection and servicing.
However, Nissan recommends that a check of the electrolyte level be done at every scheduled maintenance interval (oil changes, etc.) to verify that the level is correct. If the electrolyte level is low, it is necessary to add distilled water to the battery to bring the level up to the correct height.
It is also important that the top of the battery is clean and terminal connections are clean and tight.
This bulletin provides important tips for Genuine Nissan Original Equipment (OEM) and replacement battery maintenance.
NOTE: Although this bulletin specifically addresses procedures and tips for use on Genuine Nissan batteries, the procedure provided can and should be applied to low-maintenance batteries of all makes. If the battery acid contacts your eyes or skin, immediately flush with water for 15 minutes and promptly seek medical attention. Shine a light at the front of the battery case and determine the electrolyte level mark on the face of the battery case (see Figure 1). Look into each individual cell and verify that the electrolyte covers the lead plates in the battery and is no higher than the bottom of the vent well.
If necessary, add only distilled water to all cells with low electrolyte levels, bringing the electrolyte levels up to the bottom of the vent well. Intro: Aluminium Sulfate Lead Acid Battery Conversionquick how to on aluminum sulfate electrolyte for lead acid batteries.

Commenced in the year 2001, Cochin Auto Combines is a leading dealer of Exide batteries and all battery equipments located in Ernakulam (Kerala). The process for removing diesel fuel from concrete will often work for battery acid as well. In many situations, the electrolyte level in a battery may already be up to the appropriate mark. Do not allow battery fluid to come in contact with skin, eyes, fabric, or painted surfaces. If the battery acid contacts your clothing or a painted surface, thoroughly wash the area immediately. We proffer our clients with wide assortment of batteries which encompasses Exide Auto Batteries, Exide Inverter Batteries, Exide Motor Batteries, Battery Water and UPS batteries.
We acquire quality material, products and equipments from trustworthy sources in the market.
As a dealer and retailer of batteries and different battery equipments, we offer best quality batteries and after sale services for batteries. VIJAYA make battery cells are assembled in both hard rubber & polypropylene containers as per the requirement by the customer's demand.
Serving for the years now, we can understand the needs of our customers and after analyzing their requirements, we provide best customized solutions to the clients.
Our sales staff is attentive towards the needs of our clients and provides customer centric solutions.
Extending the analysis to lead acid batteries, Dr.Through the automotive ages, when a guy works on his car (in the garage) and he has to remove the battery, does he pick up the heavy thing, lift it high and put it on a flimsy shelf where it can break the shelf or fall off of it? Our motto is to promote only quality performance product to satisfy our customers to provide instant start, longer life & trouble free operation and service.

We are able to offer best customized solutions as we think from the customers end to meet customer’s requirement. Our team of skilled staff, who have years of experience and knowledge, are devoted to satisfy the consumer to the utmost.
We at, Cochin Auto Combines, serve our customers with quality batteries and battery charging equipments.
We are highly applauded by our customers for providing quality batteries and battery charging equipments.
Fenix`s lab testers dropped the battery onto concrete from three feet above, sprayed it with salt water, blasted it UV rays, ran it through thousands of cycles a€” and it still stayed intact and leak free. As a dealer of Exide batteries and all battery equipments in Ernakulum we procure our products from trusted source in the market. Our expert professionals are the backbone of our company who guide the customer at the time of purchasing and also helps in installation of the products. As this vendor responded me Immediately I have bought branded UPS of 1KVA capacity from them. I went here to buy a battery for my motorcycle and they were really very patient to figure out which battery would be the best one for my motorcycle. I am so happy that I got a quality battery from here at very reasonable rates.Was it helpful to you ?

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