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Both directions of I-70 had to be closed for the battery acid cleanup, which last into the night. Battery water overfilled, Acid spill aroundThis is a discussion on Battery water overfilled, Acid spill around within Technical Stuff, part of the Under the Hood category; I have Rex Baking Powder - Ingredients are Starch, Sodium Bicarbonate and Sodium Aluminium Sulphate. View My Garage I have Rex Baking Powder - Ingredients are Starch, Sodium Bicarbonate and Sodium Aluminium Sulphate.
This is a nasty thing which I had faced once when a guy at an autoelectric service centre did exactly the same to my M800.
I believe this is sodium bicarbonate (confirmation please?) just to help make sure nobody tries to sell you caustic soda*, which is as dangerous as dilute sulphuric acid. Originally Posted by simran I have Rex Baking Powder - Ingredients are Starch, Sodium Bicarbonate and Sodium Aluminium Sulphate. PS - I'm willing to squeeze the neck of ANY technician who overfills engine oil or any other fluid in my car. View My Garage Re: Battery water overfilled, Acid spil around Batteries are made way tougher than in past. Ordinary grease is affected by the acid, so desist from coating battery terminals with grease.

A trick I use to prevent the body damage due to acid spill is to make a cover from an old truck tube keeping the sides 3-5cm above the battery. I have a BAJAJ pulsar 220F August 2011 model and have clocked 5400 kms till date since i use my bike for only local rides around my home area and a weekend long drive of about 50 to 75 kms.
Should i REPLACE the main (centre) stand (as you have mentioned in your above post) which costs about Rs.400 or is there a way i can restore the existing stand as the rust has just started developing only on the surface of the the corroded area of the stand?
If the water evaporates frequently, check the charging voltage, and get it corrected if high. You could have also used Baking Soda(Cooking soda in small ration shops) to neutralize the effects.
It is regularly serviced at Authorised BAJAJ service outlets and is like a New Bike till date.
Luckily the drain pipe was also installed during the refilling (on my request) but after about a week i noticed that the bike's main (centre) stand has started getting corroded (rusted) for which i immediately exchanged the old exide (acid) battery to Amaron (Dry) Battery and applied about two coats of black spray paint to the rusted area of the main (centre) stand but even after doing so the stand is getting rusted at the same area again after a week with certain whitish powder like formation and also brown rust at the spot which was seen even when the rust had just started on the stand!
Clean the area with plenty of water (including areas near it and hoses), dry the area, if possible paint the affected metal parts with a primer (keep a 50ml can of ordinary primer paint for all sorts of emergency touch ups). Overcharging will boil the water away from your battery within a few hours of driving, especially on long runs.

The only thing you should be worried is the Air filter screw, if rusted or jammed it wont open and then you dont get only the top cover of your filter, you will have to replace the aseembly, try opening it and then screw it back with grease on its thread. However after a week the same white stuff reappears and this time it is much more than seen in previous post. The thing to be noted is that there would be spills for some more time till the level drops to a safe level.
I have been advised by an expert to use only water (distilled is best, but normal municipal water is OK, until and unless it is hard water), no acid till it is checked with a meter. One you have liberally applied the solution to the affected surfaces, wash off with plain water and preferably get all bare metal chassis parts coated with anti corrosion paint.

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