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If you happen to have a dead battery one day you may want to try giving it a couple, or 12 aspirin. If you happen to have a problem with dandruff then aspirin may be a nice addition to your shower. Aspirin extends the life of both living and cut flowers when added to the water during peak blooming periods.

FOr an easy home acne remedy just crush up some asprin with some water to make your own facial acne paste that will give you results and save you money on all that acne cream. Since it is an anti-fungal adding it to the water will reduce or eliminate harmful fungi that form during damp conditions.
If you have the kind of battery that isn’t sealed you can drop some aspirin in it to help with the electric charge in the already charged liquids of the battery.

If you’re in need of a tried and true home remedy just wash your feet with an aspirin solution until the itching goes away.

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