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The dashboard, and particularly the instrument panel, represent the easiest way a vehicle talks back to its driver, allowing him to stay up to date with the status of the car and provide him with prior notice on potential mechanical problems. Take for example the head-up display, a technology developed to project important information such as speed, fuel consumption or the tachometer straight on the windshield. The number of instrument clusters is huge, mostly due to the fact that most car manufacturers used basic symbols and personalized them for their own models, although we all agree that standard ones would be useful for all drivers, no matter the car they own. Was wondering if anyone knew of a site like this one showing the meaning of the symbols but I have japanese domestic Nissan UD and the lights are in japanese. I have Suzuki Escudo Model 1994, please can post the meaning of the dashboard lights for Suzuki.
An oxygen sensor, or lambda sensor, is an electronic device that measures the proportion of oxygen (O2) in the gas or liquid being analyzed. The sensor does not actually measure oxygen concentration, but rather the amount of oxygen needed to completely oxidize any remaining combustibles in the exhaust gas. I found this tips very helpful.I have been worried because I had no clue about what the problem with my car is. The symbol that lit up on my dashboard of a 2005 chevy trailblazer was of a oil can like number 36 with a wrench beside it. My dash board for a fielder X grade 2003 is showing some light which looks like two inverted head lumps at the top right hand side but smaller can any one tell me the meaning of this. Thanks so much for this - i've been searching the net for ages trying to find ANYONE who can help me diagnose the warning light on my dash. I found this site extremely helpful and it saved me about 150.00 which i would have had to pay a dealership just to tell me my tire pressure is low.
I have a sprinter van and non of the above match, what is the tank with what looks like water in bottom, with an open ended pipe going in on Left and a capped pipe on the top right? Going to have a nissan sentra EX saloon, my 1st car (3rd owner though) and i have no idea what those lights meant from the dashboard till now. I drive a Pontiac Grand AM It looks like a box with an arrow inside it, with the arrow pointing at what appears to be a liquid in the bottom of the rectangle. I have a toyota fielder and recently, a warning sign similar to number 8 appeared on the dashboard but instead of the exclamation sign, it had two arrows pointing to a dot at the centre.
I had a new Altinator fitted late July and its now malfunctioning getting done tomorrow.Thankfully under warranity!! Fewf, its winter time and my tire pressure signal turned on, what would I do without the guy who made this site! I looked everywhere trying to find exactly this: Diagrams with explinations and finally found this. I have a gmc envoy 2005 with a light on the dash that has a little frame of a car and the two front wheels are aiming to the right. I had my rear drums and diskes changed on my 2003 Saturn L200 and it now has a clicking noise as I brake. Thank you so much for the exhaustif list of these signs,it helped me to be overcome the fear of driving a car without any clue of those signs! I have a BMW 318 ti and i dont see some of the symbols i see in that car, can you help me plz. Engine failed to turn on last Friday after putting key in yet all lights and radio are working. Have put new battery in the boot and engine is still not turning on and a sinlge clicking sound can be heard.

I drive a tank and there's a light that comes on that looks a bit like a fire, and it comes on when it gets hot.
A warning light similar to low tire pressure symbol with the exclaimation mark replaced with two opposite arrows pointing on a dot in the centre.
Did it seriously not occur to any of you complaining about warning lights to maybe read the operator's manual that came with the car.
I have a 52 plate BMW 318, there is a yellow warning light that looks like a water tank with a water line, what does this mean? I have an s10 1997 chevy blazer and yesterday a light lit up that looks like the high beam symbol but it is solid green please help i dont know what it is! This was very useful information, the only site I found that answered my question on the tire pressure icon.
Gosh, I turned my Ford Focus on and found the OBD light on, I decided to off it and search for the possible meaning of the warning light, thanks to the site, as otherwise I would blow the engine. I HAVE A DODGE CHARGER I HAVE TO DESCONNECT MY BATTRY EVERY TIME I GONE START MY CAR AND I HAVE THE ENGINE LIGHT ON SENSE THAN WHAT TO DO ?
I have a 2001 honda accord sedan and a horizontal red light came on in the dash board warning lights under the vertical column gear indicator, what is the meaning of that light?
My car is a Toyota Spacio and it has a 34 yet it serviced, and the gas cover is locked well what can i do?? My Citroen Relay is showing No33 warning when the engine is cold ( it has been sat on the drive for 6 months) but when I turn the ignition on the warning goes off ?? Symbols were a great help but still got number 8 stuck on blew tyres up no leakages but still showing symbol for tyre pressure monitor any hints how to reset it ?
THANK YOU, I looked at 15 sites it seems, no site showed the warning light I was looking for. Our BMW right indicator light when used was indicating much quicker than normal and we then discovered it was not working.
I have symbol #27 showing up on my F350, 6.4L diesel truck followed by 4 flashes of the same lock. Buenas Tardes, fue de mucha ayuda, pero aparece en el tablero un indicador parecido al numero 8 de la intruccion, entre parentesis hay un punto y en el apuntan dos flechas (->. Thanks guys for all the tips l was a bit confused by the tire pressure warning light but thanks to you when l got the information all my worries were gone. I appreciated being able to find out what the indicator light I was looking for meant so easily. This application contains over 467 dashboard indicators and warning lights, their description and advice on how to deal with almost any issue if the indicator light illuminate.
Car indicators and warning lights app is practical for drivers, and can help to make right decision in emergency situation, keep drivers safe on the road. Toyota Belta 2010(4wd)'s Interior Japan language sounds alert is not understand, please translate with English language to me. The web's largest and most active community resource for Nissan and Infiniti owners and enthusiasts. Ive heard of peeps resoldering the connections on that dimmer and resolving the issue.I need to do mine as I have to smack it about once a month. The dashboard items followed the same evolution trend as the whole car, migrating from standard light bulbs to more attractive and efficient LEDs or completely-digitalized dashboard components. Getting back to the instrument clusters, their number increased significantly once car manufacturers developed new technologies regarding safety, engine management or miscellaneous car-related equipment.

Low fuel notification: this panel is switched on if the fuel level gets very low and refuel is required.
Drivetrain malfunction: if on, this light shows that the drivetrain has been damaged and the car needs to be serviced as soon as possible. OBD Indicator: member of the Onboard Diagnostics, this indicators reveals a problem with the engine or with the emissions and requires the car to be serviced. I do believe there should be 39 symbols, not to mention the most common and important ones are not listed. I have my AIRBAG lights on( no airbag deployed but had a frontal collision) and just a few hours ago a CAR symbol in orange colour appeared on the dash. My boyfriend took it to get a battery yesterday and they gave him a 66 but told him it needs a 35. Damn i was driving all this time with lots of danger to me my friends and others on the road.
Could you pliz mail me the dashbord signs and also the car operating manual.the one i have is in japan language and not helpful as such. On page 197 of the manual it says that the light turns on when the ENGINE START STOP switch is turned to IGNITION ON mode to indicate that a system check is being performed. Thought it just needed a new light but the garage told us the whole light unit needed replacing which cost ?200. I have a Toyota estima which over heated once and now the engine cant run smoothly, its rev oscillates up and down.
The app will indicate whether you can safely continue to drive, or are required to seek immediate assistance. I need to find one relating to the power locks.My driver's side door won't open, and, when applying the power lock, all the doors lock immediately upon my releasing the button.
But more importantly, these tiny lights tracking the operation of the car can provide critical information that could protect you, your passengers and the other drivers on the road.
Note that the ABS symbol is activated once the driver starts the engine but it's automatically turned off after a few seconds. This demand causes a voltage to build up, due to transportation of oxygen ions through the sensor layer. 8on my Toyota Sienna but with two centre-facing arrows in the middle instead of an exclamation.What could it mean? I can now understand some of the uncommon dashboard indicaters that are not familiar to me. At first i thought it was a warning about one of my back lights were out but as i looked in the back all my lights are working. When previous owner was queried about them he said he had fixed breaks himself, but had not been on diagnostics machine. I don't know the problem now as I have tried to replace the sensors and machine the head gasket.
Thanks.Not sure a fuse would cause that Maybe the timer ??They will lock and unlock the doors like a Ghost.
There strangest part is that when I turn my lights off the Climate control dimms so much I can barely see it.Thanks again for your help.

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