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There are many little tips and tricks that you can use to not only keep your car in good running order, but also preserve the condition of its engine and battery for as long as possible. Using distilled water instead of tap water in your car battery is one of those little tricks, that can actually prolong the life of the battery and keep you getting to where you need to go.
Tap water is full of minerals and other chemicals that can create serious problems in the long run for your car’s battery. Distilled water is free from the minerals and foreign particles that are found in regular tap water.
This means that the anode will send its current to the particles, instead of the correct Negative- anode. By this explanation, you can see how using tap water decreases the efficiency of the current in your battery, meaning that you will not get the full power from your battery that you ought to, while its general state deteriorates over time too.
It’s important that you begin any battery maintenance by checking the open-cell voltage. As the largest supplier of distilled water in the UK, The Distilled Water Company offers distilled water products ranging from five litres through to 1000 litre IBCs, for business and domestic customers around the country.
Scientists at GE Global Research and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory are developing a new kind of water-based “flow” battery capable of more than just traditional, stationary energy storage.

Grigorii Soloveichik, who leads the project at GRC and serves as director of the GE-led and Department of Energy-funded Energy Frontier Research Center, says that the batteries could be 75 percent cheaper than car batteries available on the market today and multiply current EV driving range. GE engineers say that unlike lithium-ion and other battery systems, the new technology will use water-based solutions of inorganic chemicals capable supplying high energy density by ferrying more than one electron at a time. The research is part of the Department of Energy’s ARPA-E RANGE program that seeks to develop game-changing electrochemical energy storage technologies.
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Electric golf cart batteries require a regular watering program to keep them running properly. Understanding golf cart batteries requires knowledge about how to check and maintain the water levels of your deep cycle batteries. A handy battery filler is the Plews Automatic Shut-Off battery filler.  How does it know your battery cells are full?
This means that the distilled water is better for batteries as there is no build up in the cells that can compromise the current of the battery. If you can, pull up the battery fill caps and add distilled water to any of the cells in which the level isn’t touching the bottom of the fill port.

While they do have slightly different chemistry that means that consume less water, these batteries can eventually run out of water and die. They call the system a “flow” battery because the discharge and recharge occurs in electrochemical cells that stand apart from the energy storing tanks, which makes them safer.
Engineers from the GRC and Berkeley Lab team says that they plant to develop a working prototype and “demonstrate feasibility” of the concept over the next year. It's not that hard, but it is important to maintain water levels so that the batteries are not over-watered or under-watered. Water the batteries AFTER they are fully charged, unless the water levels are below the level of the plates. You  may see the voltage closer to 12.0 Volts in the event that the battery is not completely charged, but still able to turn over the motor.

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