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Blake Fuller runs Sarasota-based Braille Battery, which assembles lightweight lithium-ion car batteries. Blake Fuller learned a harsh business lesson in 2012: The difference between a customer who needs a product and a customer who wants a product can be a costly sales gulf.
The firm assembles the patented batteries, mostly for racecars, out of a Manatee County office and production facility.
But demand came so fast last year it outpaced the firm’s ability to provide timely products to everyone.
Fuller declines to release annual revenue figures for the 25-employee company, only to say it’s a multimillion-dollar business. One significant reason for the missed sales, Fuller concedes, is the company didn’t have enough capital to move fast enough on orders. Fuller, in an attempt to avoid under capitalization in the future, has spoken with several potential outside investors.
Fuller founded the business in 2002, when he saw a need in the marketplace for a lightweight battery that improved performance.

Braille Battery, says Fuller, is named after the concept that weight reduction in racing is felt, not seen. Corporate proxy battles are usually fought behind the scenes in boardrooms with sparse details buried in filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. That’s when Fuller discovered customers, no matter how much they like a product, will move on to a competitor if the need is urgent enough. He did say, however, that the 60% annual sales growth the company had in 2012 easily could have been 120% if the lost sales were realized.
A main private investor backs Braille Battery, and Fuller, 33, says he’s put at least seven figures of his own capital into the business over the past decade. Some of the vendors the firm uses for parts and supplies struggled in the recession, for example. In the meantime, he projects Braille Battery sales will grow up to 50% in 2013, with a 70% increase in profits.
A racing buff and a onetime successful competitive racer, Fuller says the industry generally considers a battery a boring part of a car.

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Some good ones scaled back or went out of business, says Fuller, while others raised prices to capitalize on market opportunities. Fuller, though, says he and his team were able to “turn the battery into more of a lust object,” because of its success.
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