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Here is the circuit diagram of a simple and straight forward 12 V battery charger circuit with diagram. 12v 65 ah ka battery kese charge kar sakte he….12 v trnsformer se direct charge hoga kya?
Hi friend,I want to make a stand alone 6v bike battery charger cum DC to AC-5A circuit.Could you please help me? Have you a modified Circuit to show the placement and value of the resistor mentioned by the person “Leandro” ?
Also I am wanting to also build a 6 volt charger, for a 6v Gell type of battery, similar in size to a motor bike battery. Can you tell me the Different Transformer and Resistor Value, and whether I should fit a Zenner in the circuit ??? Eastern Batteries is an Australian owned and run business that has been providing superior battery service to our customers in Sydney for over 20 years. Eastern Batteries is an Australian owned business that has been providing superior car battery delivery and service to our customers in Sydney for over 20 years. Remove your old car or motorcycle battery and take it away for recycling, ensuring that no harm to the environment from the toxic chemicals. Built in Toluca, Mexico, the Dodge Journey is based on the Chrysler Sebring and Dodge Avenger but has a longer wheelbase, taller body, many more features, a smoother ride, and much more weight (a whopping 3,850-4,250 pounds). The 2010 Dodge Journey four-cylinder is only available on the SE, paired with a four-speed automatic (the V6 gets a six-speed). The exterior of the Journey is neat and clean, a break from the Dodge big and bold mantra; customers demanded neat and clean, saying there was a time and place for aggressive and bold, and this wasn't it.
The radio and climate system controls both looked natty and easy to use; the radio in particular had a new set of controls which includes what appears to be a turn-and-press knob which suggests easier access to some functions. The seats were fairly comfortable if firm; rear seats have optional built-in boosters for older children, nearing the end of their mandated booster-seat period.
The third row of seats was easy to get to, though I was glad I hadn't put on more weight; the middle seat folds and rolls forward, and then it's a long step into the back. Diesel Journeys (sold outside the United States) have an optional automated manual transmission (a€?dual clutcha€?) built with Getrag. Flexible seating and storage combinations include standard five-passenger seating with spacious cargo room and available 5+2 seating. Safety is boosted by standard multi-stage front driver and passenger air bags, front-seat-mounted side air bags, three-row side-curtain air bags, standard four-wheel disc anti-lock brakes (ABS), Electronic Stability Program (ESP), and Electronic Roll Mitigation, and optional back-up camera and all-wheel drive (AWD) in the United States and Canada. The Journey's single piece, lightweight liftgate includes an integrated spoiler for aerodynamics.
Dodge Journey will be available in Inferno Red Crystal Pearl Coat, Light Sandstone Metallic Clear Coat, Melbourne Green Pearl Coat, Deep Water Blue Pearl Coat, Silver Steel Metallic Clear Coat, Bright Silver Metallic Clear Coat, Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl Coat and Stone White Clear Coat. Storing things a€?under the front seata€? takes on an entirely new meaning, thanks to Journey's available Flip 'N Stowa„? in-seat storage.
Dodge Journey's rear doors open 90 degrees, making it easier for people to get in and out of the second row and gain access to the available third-row seat. In the second row, the all-new Dodge Journey features theater seating, which gives passengers in the second and third row the ability to see outside the vehicle, which is especially helpful for keeping kids entertained on long drives.
Located in the floor behind the front-row seats are two standard in-floor storage bins that are designed to hold 12, 12-oz. A child presenter seat on all models that makes it easy for the driver to attend to a small child seated in the second row when the vehicle is stationary. Dodge Journey is the first vehicle in the mid-size crossover segment to offer available integrated child booster seats. The second-row seats also move forward and rearward a total of 4.7 inches (120 mm) to give adults more leg room, bring children closer to the front seats and provide more cargo room behind the seats. On five-passenger models, a tri-fold load floor is located behind the second-row seat and provides a hidden storage compartment for added utility. The available third-row seat is easy to operate and get into, thanks to Journey's stadium Tip 'N Slidea„? second-row seats.
The Dodge Journey has a four-wheel independent front suspension with MacPherson struts and a multi-link rear suspension. Transmissions are a four speed automatic (used on the four), and a six speed automatic (used on the V6).
The six-speed automatic provides quicker standing-start acceleration than a four- or five-speed transaxle because of a higher first-gear ratio.

The AWD system works on demand, driving only the front wheels until power to the rear wheels is needed. The Journey, with its many storage space, doors that open to nearly 90 degrees, reportedly wonderful ride, and acceptable four-cylinder gas mileage, is expected to pull 30% of its customers from imports, and 70% from the domestic market.
In addition to seating and storage features, Dodge Journey's versatile and functional interior features a two-tone color scheme with high-contrast dark and light colors. Fold-flat Front Seat with Flip 'N Stow provides storage under the seat cushion and a table-like surface when folded flat for added cargo flexibility. Two Second-row In-floor Storage Bins located in the floor behind the front row seats are designed to hold 12, 12-oz. Tri-fold Load Floor located behind the second-row seats provides a hidden storage compartment for added utility.
Rear In-floor Storage Bin for 5+2 Passenger Vehicles includes a hidden storage bin behind the third-row seat. Optional Child Booster Seats for children 4 foot 9 inches (1.45 m) tall and between 48 lbs.
We make no guarantees regarding validity, accuracy, or applicability of information, predictions, or advice.
This circuit can be used to charge all type of 12V rechargeable batteries including car batteries.
I build that one but i think the power of the battery go back to capacitor and i plan to put some diod in possitive side. If you want to limit to any other current level you have to use a sensing resistance and a transistor similar to the one used in our earlier article, which can be adopted for 12 volt also. We are the leading provider of car and truck batteries in our local area; and provide a big a range of batteries that is backed up by a Nation Wide Warranty for up to 36 months. Get unbeatable car battery prices, great service and the peace of mind of a 3 year national warranty.
Wont find anyone who can beat them on price I am very impressed with the level of quality and service this business offers. The price in the US started in 2009 at just under $20,000, with the all wheel drive version coming in at $25,530.While the Journey has been a strong seller in Canada and Mexico, it has sold less well in the US. The Journey is, according to Dodge, the next step for people who needed a minivan but now find a minivan is too big; or the first step for people starting families, who don't need the size (and cost) of a minivan or SUV.
Legroom was okay if I had the seat pushed back, but filling three rows at a time means restricted legroom for everyone. My feet barely fit underneath the middle seat, which was in a position to allow the middle passenger decent legroom, so you can fit seven adults in there.
There's the front seat storage - the cushion easily pulls up to reveal a small storage space. Spacious storage bins, hidden in the floor and under the front passenger seat cushion, combined with fuel-efficient or powerful powertrain options, make Dodge Journey flexible and functional. Available fascia-mounted fog lamps strengthen the contemporary look and help boost visibility during bad weather. An LED center high mounted stop lamp (CHMSL) is mounted in the liftgate header above the glass; the outer surface of the CHMSL is styled for aerodynamics.
These available seats boost a child seated in the second row 4 inches (102 mm) so they're seated in the adult belted zone. Folding the second row and the available fold-flat front passenger seat flat creates plenty of room for hauling home lumber needed to assemble a playscape or skis from the slopes.
With the turn of a single lever on the side of the seat back, the seat cushions easily fold upward and the seat slides forward. Front and rear suspension crossmembers are isolated to the body to create a quiet ride, with less road noise, vibration and harshness. The 2.0 diesel comes with a six speed manual or six speed automatic, and includes high-pressure direct injection, a variable geometry turbocharger, and four valves per cylinder. A more robust differential with increased torque capacity enhances launch performance by requiring less torque management, electronically limiting the torque that is available during the initial stages of standing-start acceleration. The circuit is nothing but a 12V DC power supply with an ammeter for monitoring the charging current. And i wonder to know if it isnt dangerous to make this circuit without any resistence like in this diagram.
We have the range and practical expertise to work with a range of different battery types, as well- whether you need motorcycle batteries, marine batteries, or just good quality cheap car batteries, Eastern have got you covered.

Ralph Gilles said in January 2010 that when he took over at Dodge, he looked at the Canadian side and saw it had been heavily advertised, so they increased American ad spending and almost doubled sales quickly. European diesel buyers can get an automatically shifted manual transmission (not the Chrysler-engineered one, which is not yet available); otherwise, the four cylinder comes with a four speed automatic, the V6 with a six-speed automatic. It's also a next step up in size from the PT Cruiser, with only slightly lower mileage despite considerably more weight and size. So did playing with the knobs and switches; and so did turning on the lights - which we could not do in Detroit, as the batteries had been removed. Underneath the floor of the back seats, on either side, are bins that can hold a casserole, to avoid spills.
This was apparently slated for US cars too, but Getrag reportedly did not have the funding it needed, and the factory built to make the transmissions has since found other uses. Body-color fascias provide a monochromatic look that neatly frames the chrome crosshair grille and headlamps. Four-piece jeweled red tail lamps span the width of both the liftgate and the body and feature unique curves that give the Journey added style and sportiness.
The bin is large enough to store a purse, umbrella, planner or headphones with the seat down. For added convenience, the bins feature latching lids and removable, washable liners, so they're a snap to clean. With the front passenger seat folded flat, the driver can easily reach to the back to assist a child in the second row. Smaller steps between ratios also make for a smoother, quieter ride, as the engine speed doesn't change as much with each shift. The video system got a nine inch screen (from eight), four wheel antilock disc brakes with hydraulic boost are standard, remote keyless entry is standard, and a dark slate monotone interior is available.
Suddenly the little instrument panel came to life with an impressive, clear, bright display. Spare trays will be available at your local dealer, so you can also do what they suggested doing with the Dakota: having various trays filled with your gear for various trips. Chrysler reportedly plans to stop the current-model PT Cruiser production in 2009, using the line to export 60,000 D-segment crossover vehicles to Northern Europe. Dodge Journey's beltline is more angled in front, but less so toward the rear, mimicking the top of the tail lamp shape, which makes it easier for rear-seat passengers to see out the windows a€” a bonus for pint-sized passengers. The rear glass on the liftgate's lower edge follows the curvature of the tail lamps to improve visibility through the rear window. The booster seat is designed for children who are as much as 4 foot 9 inches (1.45 m) tall and between 48 lbs.
In addition, more ratio choices, more appropriate ratios for quicker acceleration and a lower overall top gear ratio provide a quiet ride and improved fuel economy at highway speeds.
The gauge panel is balanced right and left, with green LEDs under both sides and equally sized left and right gauges. An available high-contrast black roof rack with buffed stainless steel roof rails adds capability and completes Journey's side view. A rear in-floor hidden storage bin located behind the available third-row seat is standard on 5+2-passenger vehicles. Chrome accents the upper center bin latch, door handle, shifter bezel and door lock knobs and instrument cluster bezel.
The center speedometer dominates, with a sensible 60 mph in the middle and evenly spaced numbers. Surfaces have been converted to soft-touch materials, after the first auto show cars were produced, and the interior is quiet on the road. Not only do they help you chose the perfect battery but they also thoroughly test your current Great Website - Home delivery option saved my weekend.
I ordered my battery online and straight away I received a phone call confirming the details Great service from this company really helped out when I had a problem.

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