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We are a family owned and independent shop dealing in Hardware, DIY and Car Spares in Lovedean.
Products we stock include oil filters, air filters, engine oil, brake discs, brake pads, spark plugs, car batteries, wheel bearing kits, wiper blades, auto bulbs, number plates, and much more. Anything we dont have in stock, we can often source within a couple of hours and have ready for your collection in store.
As part of our ‘Keeping it local’ tradition, if you think we should stock anything that we do not currently hold, please tell us and we will see what we can do. We are an independent member of the CAAR buying group and can offer you the widest range of car parts, accessories and leisure products available in the UK.

Simply click on one of the listings to the right to take you to that department of our online store. If you can't find the part you need or would prefer if we order it for you, then just give us a call on the number above or visit our store.
We will often have the parts you need available from stock or we can get it for you very quickly ..
All orders placed on our online store are normally available for collection within one working day but we'll let you know when they arrive.
If you need parts for your vehicle, simply enter your registration number in our vehicle finder to get access to parts listings specific to your vehicle.

Our customers have the option to buy car spares and accessories online and get them delivered to our shop for collection usually within 24 hours.

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