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Producers of batteries always recommend that the batteries in a homemade electric car battery pack should be charged completely for proper storage.
However, according to one newsletter on an electric car, a partially charged lithium battery will last longer than the fully charged one, when the charge is retained or stored. Moreover, a phosphate–based lithium-ion battery should not get drained out below a recommended level of 33%. A lot of available power is consumed due to heavy demand from the batteries, especially, when the vehicle is driven very fast or when the vehicle is negotiating a steep gradient. Excessive utilization of charge again and again will result in dropping further below the safe level, which could affect the stability and lessen the life of the battery.
If the electric vehicle is a ‘direct drive’ model, choosing a cheaper method will safeguard the battery pack. If one persistently charges a battery pack after driving short distances, batteries touch maximum voltage very frequently, which would shorten the life of batteries, even for peak ‘safe’ voltages, especially if the electric current is high at 32 amps supplied by a few commercial charge stations. If batteries are charged at a lower electric current, the pack will be at its maximum voltage only for a short period.

Enter your name and email below to get a FREE copy of 20 DIY Electric Car Conversion videos e-book. Step 3: Other use (as power booster)Recently I've using this circuit as what I called 'POWER BOOSTER'. There is a power shortage in where I live, so I manage to make a power back-up from some component I've already got and an old car battery.This is how to make back up power from old car battery. However, a certain level of charge suitable for one type of battery may not always work for another variety. While charging the battery to a full level is not dangerous, if the level is brought down to a steady voltage within a short period as continual charging could have an adverse effect on the ‘battery chemistry’. In such situation, though 33% balance battery charge is recommended for a lithium phosphate battery, demand for power will drastically increase from this level, even with 50% charge remaining.
It is not clear how the ‘lithium substrate’ and ‘cadence’ that reinforce the lattice bonding would be affected. Old car battery still can store electricity so when my car needs a new battery I keep the old one, until the new battery getting old and need replacement.

However, charging the battery pack every day as a routine is important for those who drive the electric vehicle daily. Constant requirement of power will certainly cut down the life of the battery pack, though operating at lower gears will aid in conserving power whenever necessary. Many studies on this subject have revealed that excessive electrolyte at this point can lead to a rapid discharge of the batteries. Usually in 2 years time, but some times I use the battery charger to make it's life time longer (until 3 years).

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