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The “Keep Katy Beautiful” group is holding its E-Cycling Drive on Saturday November 17, 2012 in Historic downtown Katy Texas from 9 AM until noon. It just so happens that our printer died, and we have a few other odd things that need professional disposal!
That is a great way to clear the drawers and closets of old electronics that we have no further use for Bob. Its key role is to provide power to operate the starter, ignition and all of the electronic accessories in your car. The recycling effort will be  lead by recycling company CompuCycle and the drop off point is 910 Avenue C Katy Texas 77493. If the alternator starts to die, you might notice your headlights and dashboard lights beginning to dim. Once the dash light or headlights dim, it is a clear indication of potential alternator malfunction.

Usually, the light will be shaped like a battery, though, some might say ALT (for alternator) or GEN (for generator). It is generally contingent on how much life your vehicle’s alternator has left and how much electricity your vehicle is using.Weak or dead batteryA car battery, by definition, has a finite life and will not last forever. As good as an alternator is at replenishing your car battery; it can only recharge it to the point that it has a decent amount of life left in it and is able to accept a charge. To troubleshoot whether the issue is the alternator or the battery, just charge the battery and restart the vehicle. If the battery is weak or dead, the car will continue to run but the lights will again become dim after a short time, indicating a problem with the charging system.
If the vehicle has difficulty starting after the battery is fully charged, the problem likely is with the alternator.Weird smellsAn alternator works in conjunction with a system of belts. If a belt is not turning freely, the excess friction will cause the belt to heat up, which produces a burning rubber smell.

If you catch a whiff of a smell similar to that of an electrical fire, this could indicate that the belt is slipping on the alternator pulley, causing poor alternator output.
If one of these parts becomes worn or breaks, this could cause a grinding or whining noise. Specifically, worn out bearings inside the alternator have been known to cause this type of noise. Alternators are normally replaced as an assembly.Visual cuesIf you are experiencing problems with the electrical system, the alternator itself might be fine because the problem could be with one of the belts connected to the alternator. By doing a visual inspection of the engine compartment, you can determine if a belt is too loose or too tight.

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