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If acid comes into contact with the eyes, rinse for several minutes with clear water before seeking immediate medical attention. Should acid get on skin or clothing, neutralise straight away using soapsuds or an acid neutraliser and then rinse thoroughly with water.
When removing the battery, disconnect the negative terminal (–) before the positive terminal (+). Clean the battery terminals and terminal connectors, treat the terminals with acid-free grease.
Wait until you’re connecting the battery within the vehicle before removing the protective caps.

When installing the new battery, connect the positive terminal (+) before the negative terminal (–). Take parts such as terminal covers, the elbow, the hose connector and the terminal clamp holder from the previous battery and connect as before. Connect the positive terminal of the battery (+) to the positive terminal of the charger, and the negative terminal of the battery (–) to the negative terminal of the charger. Keep the surface of the battery clean and dry, and only clean with a damp or anti-static cloth. Jump-startingRead the vehicle’s operating manual and follow its instructions on jump-starting. Cars with entry levels of electrical equipment may need less battery power, but they still demand superior starting, consistent performance and absolute reliability.

When working on the battery, start by reading the vehicle’s operating manual and follow the guidelines it sets out. Attach these to the terminals of the battery being replaced to prevent short circuits and sparks.
The PowerFrame® grid design provides superior cranking power with up to 70% better electrical flow than other grid technologies.

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