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Why should you care? Household batteries are filled with metals like copper, zinc, lead and mercury that can be bad news when disposed of poorly. About This SiteIt happens to us all: you've got stuff you don't want anymore, don't need anymore, or never liked to begin with. Take Action NowNational Resources Defense Council can point you to issues currently facing your elected officials that you might want to pipe in about.
Green, they may be but electric cars have struggled to overcome one of the main shortfalls that put buyers off – an inferior range to their petrol-powered rivals. That may be about to change after a new electric car was unveiled that promises to go 500 miles (800km) before the battery needs recharging. The Modular Energy Carrier concept (MECc), created by three Danish companies, uses bio-methanol to bolster its battery life. It also benefits from a innovative chassis design which has really pushed the technology forward. The award-winning QBEAK also uses patented in-wheel electric motors to deliver a top speed of 75mph (120kph). The car caught the attention of royalty earlier this year when Prince Charles and Camilla paid a visit to Denmark. They both climbed into the QBEAK car when they arrived at Vitus Bering Innovation Park in May. Mr LA?kke, introduced the e-car and its many features, while the royal couple listened attentively.
Prince Charles promised to follow ECOmove in the future and said that he finds the QEAK-concept very interesting.
According to Mads Friis Jensen from Serenergy, the designers of the fuel cell, bio-methanol is a cheap and abundant fuel with a short carbon chain. The QBEAK project hopes to launch a battery-powered model with a range of 186 miles (300 kilometers) later this year. What is Social News?Social News is simply the latest news about everything you might want to read about, all in one place.

It is about interesting news being curated, shared and distributed in a personal and targeted way by other people. To my surprise, I found that on my visit today, Costco had switched from my standing favorite Kirkland Signature brand batteries to Interstate car batteries. For automotive applications the warranty seems to be a bit less, as I believe the Kirkland Signature batteries had a 36 month full replacement  warranty, where the Interstate batteries have only a 30 month full replacement. Over the years, I have put many Kirkland Signature car batteries in my vehicles and they have done well, especially considering how the Arizona summer is notorious for killing batteries. I went to Purchase a new Batt at Costco SanJose Almaden,they didn’t have any for My Yukon. I found this while searching for info, so I thought I’d post an update (four years later).
When I make a Costco Auto Battery purchase, I only have the Auto Battery purchase on my Costco receipt to keep it clean, short and simple. The kirkland signature batteries are manufactured by interstate, they are the same batteries.
Evan, I agree with you may not seem like 6 months makes a big difference but in the sweltering heat, batteries tend to poop out near the 36 month mark. A battery has two terminals, one marked positive (+) and one negative (-) to which are connected to leads that run to the ignition, starter motor, lights and other electrical components. Inside the typical lead acid battery are lead plates in electrolyte liquid which creates an electro-chemical reaction to produce a charge to the battery terminals. These batteries can get a build-up of lead oxide on the terminals, which need to be cleaned for optimum performance. Batteries are recharged by the alternator, which turns mechanical energy into an electrical charge. Electric cars and some luxury models use lightweight lithium-ion batteries (See image to the right), which use lithium-ion instead of electrolyte liquid to create the charge. The best you can do is avoid using batteries where you can, get rechargeable ones when you can’t, and dispose of all used batteries properly.

Whether you're motivated by a natural sense of thrift, an environmental conscience, or a desire to help others -- or all three -- here are some suggestions as to what to do with many of your unwanted items. We can use battery power in the modules or any other kind of energy source,’ Lokke said. Department for Energy (DOE) says direct methanol fuel cells are not hampered by the storage problems that affect other green fuels like hydrogen because as a liquid it’s easier to transport and supply through current infrastructure. From the latest celebrity gossip, fashion trends, political news and the economy, funny and amusing news, community and lifestyle news to trending comments from well known people and links to interesting things that you may want to know about. Unlike a newspaper which provides a single packaged source, social news is drawn from many different sources all over the world. The warranty exchange was always hassle free, and I drove with confidence knowing I had Kirkland under my hood. In my Costco in southern Ohio they sell only Interstate batteries and do not sell Kirkland Signature anymore (this may be true across the board). You should also keep the electrolyte topped up with de-mineralised water, not tap water or acid.
It can be shared through discussion comments and, on some social news sites, you are able to submit your own story. The Costco employee told me that it’s 100% the same battery just without the KS stickers. In this case the battery can be recharged however fully depleted batteries will have a shorter life.
The warranty is now 42 months 100% replacement and then prorated for an additional 18 months I think (thought it could be a bit longer).
In any case, the full warranty on the Costco-sold Interstate batteries is now longer than the KS batteries had been.

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