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If you're as excited as we are about Goat Simulator, you'll have spent the last day and a half exploring the brand new Goat City Bay map released in Patch 1.1.
For the complete list of Patch 1.1 and previous achievements, GameSkinny has a comprehensive list here. The first battery I'll be showing you in on top of a shadowy roof on the opposite side of the hotel than the carnival.
This is the easiest battery to locate, since it's right on the pier next to the coaster itself. Enter the hotel (the largest building on the edge of the ocean) using the open door on the opposite side of the water and use the elevator to get up to the roof. Go to back to the hotel, but instead of entering through the front, walk around to the back towards the water. Arguably the trickiest to acquire, the last battery you'll need is on the top of the Miram Core building pictured above. To wall run, simply run at the wall using w+SHIFT and jump at the wall when close using SPACE.
Once on top of the garage, jump on the mattress pictured above until you can launch yourself towards the roof with the water tower.

If you successfully latch your tongue onto one of the cars, you'll be thrown across the track and into the water in a deranged heap of goat ridiculousness. There must be more than six batteries because the first one I found was on a lounge chair on a beach near the road, and it wasn't on your list of six.
Thank you to whoever wrote this (I'm to lazy to find the name) this was a great help I never would have found them all without this. GameSkinny is part of the Launch Media Network, the creators of GamerLaunch and other great tools for gamers! Prepare to jetpack a group of kids into the sky, because Goat Simulator is adding multiplayer and a ton of other major features in its upcoming update. Aly Rinehart, age 23, journalist, creative writer, Christian, corgi lover, anime nerd, video game enthusiast. It may take a few tries, but once you make it, the battery will be in the shadows under the water tower. This content update adds a new map featuring a ferris wheel which you can supercharge with car batteries. Your goat will now be able to balance on its front legs and ride a bike, which sounds like an amazing pair of tricks.

There will also be new achievements, more customization options and additional goats to play as, such as the Tornado Goat, Repulsive Goat and Shopping Goat. Coffee Stain Studios has already clarified that online multiplayer is likely to never happen due to a variety of coding issues, but having up to four billies cause chaos in a single stage is still going to offer tons of entertainment. The first is on the roof of the Put-In Hotel (you passed this getting the last one or two batteries).
You will then have to wait for the elevator doors to open, step out, then step back in and try again.
You are going to want to go to the edge of the hotel roof nearest the carnival and leap off where the fireworks are (don't touch them though - that will launch you somewhere else entirely). You can now float to the building with the water tower on top and find the battery right behind it.
I'd love to share them here!Thanks for joining me in the Month of the Goat, and I will see you all again soon!

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