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Not knowing how long it was going to take to get the warranty work done on the RV at Tri-Am, we did not have reservations for the next two weeks.
The question on a lot of investors' minds these days is: What the heck is Apple (AAPL) up to? Electric-car battery maker A123 Systems has sued Apple for poaching its engineers, according to a court filing first spotted by legal news site Law360.
Selected a battery for my car at a big box store on a device that had one purpose: relate cars to car batteries. It was so cold last month, AAA Mid-Atlantic said, that calls for dead car batteries saw a double-digit increase compared to a year ago. But, then again, not everyone has three computers at home, a charger in the car, and work at a computer all day. Electric car - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia An electric car is an automobile that is propelled by one or more electric motors, using electrical energy stored in batteries or another energy storage device. The big rumor, which I am sure you have heard, is that the company will develop an electric car by 2020.

AAA Mid-Atlantic saw battery-related calls rise 33 percent over February 2014, spokeswoman Jana Tidwell said.
One obvious clue comes from the lawsuit against Apple by the electric-car battery maker, A123 Systems (AONEQ.PK), which recently declared bankruptcy. However, after talking with the Escapee Park, The Resort, back in January and finding out they did not take reservations, but had never turned an Escapee member away even in February, we decided to take our chances.
As CBS2's Lou Young reported Friday in Westchester County, if your battery is already less than top notch that could be a problem.
The second Sunday in March is also Check Your Batteries Day, an annual “holiday” that not only coincides with Daylight Saving Time, but could save your life. I did not know until Tuesday that we would need a place beginning on Wednesday, I called up the other Escapee Park in the area, Sumter Oaks, to see what they might have available.
Sumter Oaks was just south of Ocala near Bushnell instead of The Resort which was east of Tampa. They needed to check the size of the site and when they called back I was disappointed to find out it would not be big enough for our 35 foot RV.

It turned out they would have a couple of pull-through sites opening up on Thursday, so we decided to take it meaning we would have to “dry” camp without any hookups for Wednesday night. We made sure we had full water tanks before we left Tri-Am so we could use our water pump for the first time.
Even though this was a large open area and we could put the RV anywhere we wanted, the trees on the other side of the road made it more difficult then it should have been. I took two attempts at it and finally just gave up and accepted the fact I was not going to get the RV at right angles to the road! Since we would be pulling out in the morning to another site we decided to leave it hooked up to the truck for the night.

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