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It’s the first time I’ve seen in print that Renault has the capability to stop you using your Zoe if you don’t pay the battery lease fee, though of course it has long been suspected. News and comment on the Renault ZOE (the world's most advanced mass market car), other electric cars, climate change, and related subjects. Digital Rights Management [DRM] software in Zoe electric car allows Renault to prevent a delinquent account from recharging their car.
Renault cars are introducing a concept that the entertainment industry has been using to prevent piracy.

Renault, the French car manufacturer, is using DRM in their Zoe model batteries now, and you should never fail to make a payment if you depend on it.
It means that if your payments aren’t current, Renault can shut down your battery and render your car unusable. Renault Recalls Twizy Electric RunaboutRecall affects the urban electric cars built between January 27 and May 1, with most of the vehicles were sold in France and Germany, as well as in Switzerland. Twizy Electric Car Gives Lime a New Advertising TwistLime, a home improvement company in Essex, uses the Twizy to help advertise his business.

Twizy EV: More Than Skateboard, Less Than CarNY Times reporter Serge Schmemann tries out Renault brusque little electric runabout in Paris but comes away not entirely impressed.

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