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Pure Tyres Norwich provides a convenient, affordable and friendly service, which gives you the future of tyre replacement today!! If you find you have a puncture to then realise you don’t have a spare tyre or that your spare tyre in also flat, then call us and we will come to your location and replace or repair the tyre. We can also replace your car battery when it lets you down and normally on a same day basis. If you are having a problem with your brakes, for example you are hearing a grinding noise or your steering wheel vibrates when applying the brake pedal, then we can come to your work or home and replace your brake disc and pads and we don’t use copper slip as its not ABS friendly we use Mintex Cera Tec or equivalent Brand which is ABS friendly. If we cant repair your car on a same day basis and you need a vehicle, we do have a courtesy car (subject to availability & terms apply) for you to use while your car is being repaired.
Our Mobile service covers Tyres, Locking Wheel Nut removal, Suspension, Tyron Bands, Batteries, Collection and Delivery Car Servicing, Wheel Alignment, mobile tyre repairs & Brakes for the Norwich and Norfolk area. Imagine having a flat tyre or a flat battery, being at work and needing to get you and your vehicle home safely. The boss says that you cannot have time off to go to the garage, or the garage does not have a courtesy car for you to use.. How good would it be if there was a service where you could make one phone call and somebody would be at your office or place of work, carrying out the necessary work, while you got on with your job? Pure Tyres Norwich is a completely mobile service with trained technicians and engineers which will take away all the hassle this could entail, and get your vehicle back on the road. We can also supply a tyre to suit your budget from cheap tyres to premium tyres and we often have good value tyres Norwich deals. Simply call us on 01603 462959, Tell us your problem and we will give you an estimated time of arrival, and the cost to you for the job. Car batteries are something we take for granted, put the key in the ignition, turn it and in an instant it sparks our engine to life. This Large Battery Box is an excellent way to protect your batteries and is perfect for boats, camper trailers, RVs, caravans or 4x4s. At the far end of the spectrum are those classic cars that need a full restoration, that could be beautiful examples of their make and model if only they ran! We’ve put together some of the most common issues a vintage car might have, so you can get your restoration project off to a great start. The most common issue in vintage cars is corrosion – of the paintwork, of bare metal and even of the fuel manifolds. Fixing corrosion can involve a lot of man-hours, and you should always check the state of the fuel lines.
Anyone who’s left their car sat on the driveway for a few weeks knows that brakes seize up quite easily.
Cars stored in damp conditions will probably suffer from a little mould, and this is a particular issue for soft-tops.
You have Just found the easiest way to a buy car battery in Wymondham, not only that we fit the battery to your car at your Home or work, Simply call 01603 462959 and we will do the rest!
On top of this we can offer in most cases a same day service and we always try and prioritise urgent cases over non emergency battery replacements.
All batteries purchased from us come with a mobile replacement guarantee, which lasts up to three years depending on the quality of battery you purchased – so if the battery is faulty and lets you down within the warranty period we will come to you and replace it free of charge*.
You pay nothing up front, a card or cash payment will be taken only after the battery is fitted.

We can supply a battery to meet your budget, but its always recommended to fit the better quality batteries.
We recycle your old battery which reduces the cost of the battery purchased as no surcharge will be charged. Winter is the time that most batteries fail, if yours fail call us for a competitive quote and a hassle free replacement service. Many of us has had that time when we go to start our cars and we turn the key and just here a *click* or *clicking* sound as the solenoid engages but not enough power in the battery to turn over the engine. Well there is many options to try, So when my car wont start what do I do when this happens? If we have our own jump leads (which many people don’t) and a second car then we can jump start it ourselves.
We could try bump starting (cars with catalytic converters are not recommended to be started in this way) just find a nice hill gather some speed and let the clutch up in second gear with the ignition on. These are all option in some cases but for me I feel its embarrassing enough that the car wont start in the first place to then having additional embarrassment of pushing your car or asking someone on your street. Additionally in most cases (where something hasn’t been left on in the car and has drained the battery etc) you will require a new battery anyway and if you do get it started and it stalls for some reason your back to square one possibly in a worse location or holding up traffic at some traffic lights etc. So we now know there’s quite a big possibility that a new battery is required, you will need to locate a cheap battery in Wymondham and or a company that will supply a car battery in Wymondham and the good news is not only do we supply low priced batteries in Wymondham but we bring the battery to you and fit the battery at your location and you can even pay by debit card. We are one of the most convenient car battery suppliers in Wymondham UK because we supply and fit at your location. Our friendly staff are here to help in your hour of need and will give you an estimated time of arrival and a total price for the job to be completed.
I would like to thank you for the really superb service and professionalism exhibited last night when dealing with my cars battery failure.
Modern Automotive Batteries can let you down without warning and very rarely does it happen when your outside a garage or battery store.
Most car battery breakdowns happen at work or home leaving most vehicle owners in a dilema of either , calling around to see if a local garage can fit them in, then having to try and get the vehicle towed there, or try and source a battery from a store , and then attempt and fit it themselves. Car Battery Assist offers the solution that can take the inconvience and frustrations of out vehicles stranded at home or work with a dead car battery.
We Take The Hassle & Frustration Out Of A Dead Car Battery And Bring Your Car Back To Life. Subject to stock availability and service demand, we operate a emergency car battery call out service outside normal service hours. We provide mobile car battery fitting services to locations within a 10 mile radius of Watford Hertfordshire. Our range of custom powered battery boxes come with a variety of features to make using and charging your battery easy. They are conveniently portable and include an adjustable strap so you can take them almost anywhere. Bringing these vintage vehicles back to life is a noble pursuit, but it can also be a lot of work.
If a car is sat unused for a long time gravity takes over, and oil eventually drains away to leave metal surfaces bare. Corroded fuel lines can lead to a fuel leak, which in turn can cause a fire when the engine is started.

Did you know that because of this, it’s actually best to drain your brake fluid before putting a car into storage?
Unused, car batteries go flat in a matter of weeks so it’s a safe bet that your restoration project will need a new battery. Again, this might not be too bad to rectify as normal carpet and furnishings soap will remove it. You might have all the practical skills you need, but a restoration can take years to complete in between work, family and all the other things that take up your time. Car battery died at home at 8.30 at night and Ray was there so quickly, fitted a new one and so reasonable.
Just wanted to say thank you very much, this saved us massively and saved a lot of inconvenience as we had to attend a very important hospital appointment the next morning.
I telephoned Car Battery Assist this morning (Sunday) with a flat battery on my old Jaguar XJ8. We provide 24 Hr mobile car battery fitting and car battery jump start services, so no matter what time of day or night it is, we will come to you.
In order to give you a satisfactory shopping, we will provide high quality good price, fast delivery orders, hope to buy friends happy, we will give you a better service, look forward to long-term cooperation with you! For Mobile Tyres in Norwich call the experts at Pure Tyres and they will bring the tyres to you at your home or work.
This large battery box is customised so you can easily check your battery charge level at the touch of a button with a handy inbuilt LED display. There’s a good chance that if your restoration project has been sat in a garage for a few years the brakes and possibly other components will have seized up, and unsticking them will take a good deal of work. Luckily, we have a full range of classic car batteries to choose from so this is a relatively easy fix. Driving your newly-restored car for the first time or taking it to that classic car show makes it all worth it though, and it’s no wonder classic car owners love their vehicles so much. This Battery Box is perfect if you want to also connect multiple devices or appliances through the various sockets and terminals.
These are a great functional addition if your wanting to re-position your battery or even run a second battery, for example in four wheel drives or caravans.
Instead of you hearing the sound of your car engine roaring to life, you hear a weird clicking sound and your engine doesn’t start.
Our 12V Custom Powered Battery Boxes provide a very safe and straightforward solution for batteries that are not in their original location. A battery box allows the battery to stay contained in the sealed plastic container even when it is required to be disengaged; not only are external terminals supplied in the box for easy connection, a circuit breaker also allows for quick and easy cut off to the power of the battery.
Additionally, the 12V DC output sockets provide yet another supply point for your energy needs.

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