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While utilitarian gifts such as kitchen gadgets or cleaning appliances are likely to earn you a Christmas dinner seat in the dog house, if you’re buying for a gearhead, you really can put a smile on their face with the right gift under the tree. We encourage all readers to share their views on our articles using Facebook commenting Visit our FAQ page for more information.
Our rechargeable tire inflator is also cordless, making it the perfect inflator to take with you when you travel.
These are a much safer and easier alternative to using the scissor jacks that vehicles come with these days. These are also known as axle stands and are a perfect complementary gift to go with a floor jack.
One big advantage professional auto shops have over the DIY home garage is a compressed air system used to power a variety of hand tools. Few home garages were ever wired for enough light to do anything more than find the weekly garbage bags. If you want to change your own wheels from summer to winter and save some cash, the only safe way to do it is with a torque wrench.
Check engine lights are one of the biggest headaches for just about any vehicle owner and if someone on your gift list has an older ride, an OBD code reader might brighten their day.

If your household has an older vehicle or any type of electric-start lawn equipment or ATV, a battery charger can be a real jolt in a good way. With these your tech-to-be can safely perform a wide variety of maintenance and repair services to the household chariot.
An easy way to give your domestic wrench turner that same edge is with a cordless impact driver.
LED lighting has come to the rescue with some great solutions, but even with magnetic bases and swivel heads, the light never seems to be where you want it.
These hand-tools can adjust the tightening force applied to various threaded fasteners or nuts, and take the guess work out of wheel installation. An OBD reader (On-Board Diagnostic) plugs into an industry common plug under the dash and can decipher which trouble code is behind a check engine light.
For most passenger cars and light trucks and SUVs, something in the two-ton (4,000 lbs.) rating range is all you need.
Like floor jacks these are rated by the weight they will support and again a two-ton limit is good for personal use. Unlike electric drills, these compact units deliver a real punch and can remove even the most stubborn rusted fastener, including wheel nuts.

They will also ensure that someone can get the wheel nuts off in the case of a road-side flat by not over-tightening them.
When these systems first became common on vehicles, the scanners were very expensive and usually out of reach for a DIYer. They are available at every auto parts retailer – including national chain stores – and good ones can be had for less than $100.
Its width is adjustable and it uses foam-covered hooks to hold it in place under an open hood.
It has an electronic control system that prevents over-charging and damaging a battery and is safe to use. Be warned these are rather heavy packages, so if you have a gift-box shaker at home, hide this one well.
It brings daylight to dark and sometimes difficult working areas and currently, they’re just over $50.

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