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I just carefully removed the old battery clamp (as opposed to cutting it off, since I did not want to shorten the cable) and use a clamp on replacement end. The one I did for the positive cable would look just like zzyzzx's negative cable, except I soldered the wire to the brass clamp.
Better results if can use an iron instead of a torch; but the iron would need to be *very* high wattage with a broad tip. I would think on most cars if soldering the cable end with the cable in the car, you would want to remove the battery and maybe the battery tray and a few other things (the less plastic in the immediate area, the better). I find it works about as well to put down some small chunks of plywood to cover things, with a sheet, or sheets, of steel or aluminum to cover that. I dont advise anyone to do what I do, but when using my welding torch underneath the car, such as slicing away a rusted exhaust system or getting loose the rear brake cable-to-hose connections - which is close to the fuel tank --- I use multiple scrap metal sheets clamped in place, with wet rags behind the steel - (so I can hear the sizzling if the steel sheet gets up to boiling temp). That would have been my number one option but the way it's routed is a big pain in this car. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below. In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic. You can buy different size copper terminal ends at welding supply houses or even home improvement stores such as Lowes or Home Depot. While the solder is still molten, the stripped end of the cable is inserted into the terminal and the torch is removed. Having worked in the electricial contruction with schooling ,we were taught soldering connections was prohibited because high current can easily melt solder through overcurrent events or shorts.
I -was- worried about a cold joint since the wire wasn’t heated up like the terminal end and solder, but it held just fine.
One more thing of which was already mentioned, If the solder gets hot enough to melt, you probably did not put an inline fuse in and what about the insulation melting?
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Easy fit M8 stud type battery terminals suitable for use cars, vans and leisure craft, joined to battery cable with ring terminal. Easy fit M8 positive stud type battery terminals suitable for use cars, vans and leisure craft, joined to battery cable with ring terminal.
Easy fit M8 negative stud type battery terminals suitable for use cars, vans and leisure craft, with wing nut fixing. Easy fit M8 positive stud type 12 volt automotive battery terminals suitable for use cars, vans and leisure craft, with wing nut fixing. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. I don't like to half-ass things so as long as this is a safe and reasonable -albeit not pretty- method, I'd like to give this a try.
If you have ever installed a trunk mounted battery box, or a master cut off switch, you know doubt had to buy battery cables to make the proper connections. If you can only find black cable, red heat shrink tubing on the positive (+) cables will help identify them.
If the insulation melts than it does not matter what kind of connection you used in the first place.
I usually use 1 gauge fine strand wire, I have found this wire is very flexable and it can carry more current. Wires can often go very hot during use (think of how many you have seen with melted insulation).
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This tip will show the best way to make high quality soldered connections on battery or starter cables.
A pressure connection will work except that not very many people have the proper crimping tool to do a cable of that size.
It does take quite a bit of heat to get it to flow, but it definitely will not melt if you have a high current draw.

The thicker the strands and thinner the wire, resistance will go up and so will the heat so I guess it could melt under those conitions. You might have to cut a cable you already have or you might be using welding cable that you have bought in bulk. It can be used for soldering cable terminals, heating up parts for assembly or sweating a broken water pipe. I have seen people try to crimp cable ends in a vise, only to have the connection fail at the worst possible moment. That is not to say solder won’t either because that is what I use and I have never had a problem doing it that way.
I actually have a solder pot so i dip the whole connection in it and after it stops bubbling, I know the cable and terminal are completely bonded together. I was using waterproof heat shrink on the ends which is a bit pricey, so I now wait for the joint to cool, coat the joint area and cable and lug with some glue from a hot glue gun, I then slide the correct size heat shrink into place and lightly heat it up with a butane torch. Professional design team provide special design for ur cable and unique design for both opp bag and carton box.2. Experienced workers and QC team ensure high quality and 100% testing before shipment, and no NG PARTS outflowed.3. Large-scale production capacity and competitive price promise timely delivery and advantageous position in the market.4. This pretty much makes it waterproof, these connections work out well on my CJ7 with no issues what so ever.

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