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It only takes one glance to realize that the Tonka RC Ricochet is one of the most unique and original RC land vehicles released this year. Even the controller has an unusually tough design, with a thick flexible protecting sheath around its antenna that's can't get permanently bent or broken. Included with the Tonka RC Ricochet is a 9V battery for that controller, a 9.6V rechargable battery pack for the vehicle itself, and a two-piece charger. I then tried out the Ricochet's transforming ability and took it to a flatter gravel area and on an asphalt surface.
The Tonka RC Ricochet is a tough vehicle that was definitely designed with a lot of thought and care. It has tri-band technology, letting you select from three radio frequencies so you can run multiple Ricochets in the same area without interference, even if they're all the same color. It was pretty fast had plenty of power to get over moldly to moderately rough terrain, but traction was a problem. It doesn't go any faster in low mode, but because it's longer, it's a little easier to handle when turning. Make sure the 4 pin is grounded good when you mount it and you won't have any problems. Yes mine is suppose to have the 5 pin, but I opted for the 4 pin one cause it was cheaper, works perfectly so far.
The controls are semi-proportional -- there are three forward speeds plus reverse, and two steering angles.

The tires, though air-filled, are actually made of a pretty hard rubber, and they don't get good grip. The tires still don't have great traction a street surface, and with two-wheel-drive and plenty of power it will still powerslide & spin more than you want it to, but it's more controllable and fun than on dirt. What a tragic shame it is, then, that the manufacturer made a very, very bad decision about just one critical component.
There's also a button you can press with your right index finger that will transform the Ricochet from low-slung street & stunt demon to high-riding monster truck. The charger included with the Ricochet has a normal trickle charge unit to it, but you don't plug that part directly into your battery. It was interesting to discover that when the Ricochet gets flipped upside down, it won't steer as sharply as when it's right side up -- it will only turn at the half-steering angle.
The tires look great and are just the right size, but the use of a stiff, plasticky material utterly decimates the performance and enjoyability of the vehicle. The material in the ECU is probably the cheapest at best and will deteriorate from age, heat, vibration, cold, engine cleaner, smog, battery acid fumes, and so on.
The way it executes this change is really unexpected, and you'll just have to check it out in the video. Instead, there's a separate box that goes in between that will automatically stop charging the battery when it's full. On dirt, even when you straighten out after a turn it wants to keep turning a bit, almost like it wants to spin out.

Surprisingly, this made it easier to control as less available steering makes it more difficult to spin out accidentally.
It's then difficult to get it to go straight again without completely letting off the throttle to let it get settled.
The Ricochet is a fast toy RC, it is fun, and the transforming & flipping abilities are awesome. Make sure there is no rust on the sheet metal where the mounting tabs mount to it.No, the extra pin was because the old electronics in the box needed 12 volts, and 5 volts. Make sure there is no rust on the sheet metal where the mounting tabs mount to it.Yes you can still buy the 5 pin style, but it is about $35 higher then the 4 pin style. Thanks to this extra piece, battery charging with the Ricochet is 100% hassle-free and as safe as can be. Even when I tried to put my 11 years of pro-grade RC driving experience to work it was still pretty difficult to make the Ricochet go just where I wanted. There really isn't enough current flowing thru the ECU to have a meltdown from electrical problems. I hope that this is just the first in a series of new Tonka RCs, because the Ricochet is definitely a step in the right directly for toy RCs, with progressive and innovative features and a lot of durability.

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