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While Sony PlayStation 4 users can rightfully brag that their new console comes with a rechargeable wireless controller, the more expensive Xbox One, curiously, does not. Paul I am curious, can you just buy double AA rechargeable batteries and connect the controller to the Xbox with a micro USB charging cable from the console?
Shame on MS for not including this in the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, just as it's shameful that they require the gold account to use apps, especially IE. Although Microsoft stupidly failed to give us a power indicator on the Xbox One for me to verify, my controller batteries have yet to die a month in. Given my use of the controller, I find it hard to believe that I have gone a MONTH without plugging into my Xbox-connected cable, so I'm assuming this works as expected. A sophisticated as the Xbox One is, stuff like this sorta flies in the face of what Microsoft wants the console to be. I also believe the play and charge kit should be included with a new console, because it provides a new user with the best experience. How do you think the value of this accessory stacks up against regular rechargeble AA batteries? I know that it cannot recharge regular rechargeable AAs, so you wouldn't be able to "play and charge," but you also wouldn't be buying a proprietary accessory that works with one device and one device only. Paul I bought this at launch at gamestop and I had a similar one for my 360 you save a lot of cash since it comes with two batteries. The only thing more embarrassing than charging customers %60 for a charging kit, after spending $500 on a console, is charging $60 a year to use apps, especially IE.
Controller of the Xbox One brought a number of improvements to the already established version of the 360, with independent triggers as vibration, no apparent screws and an improved digital directional.

Even that is not being used effectively, the headset is responsible for consuming extra battery life. Some games allow you to disable the vibrate function, which is a major responsible for the energy consumption of battery control. If you are playing one of those games that does not take advantage of the fine vibration system independent, or simply get bored of feedback, turn off the function and add a few good hours of battery life.
The One to control the Xbox has a function that turns off automatically after some time of inactivity, but nothing better than yourself off the joystick when you leave it for some time. Spare batteries can end up costing expensive then a good idea is to invest in a good rechargeable battery kit.
Another option, a little more expensive, is the Play and Charge kit, which replaces the battery cover by a dedicated battery, also rechargeable.
You know those moments in which cells don’t account for, and control is without power?
In addition to requiring the use of batteries, the function still leaves the control bit more precise, since any delay of wireless commands is removed. I don't have my console in front of me now, but I don't remember any of those parts being proprietary. This short sightedness are prime examples, as is the pricing of their tablets, why MS is always a day late and a dollar short in the new technology world we live in and why Google, Amazon or some unknown company will dominate them in the future, if they do not open their eyes soon. It's not a toy, and having these little necessary accessories sold separately to an already high priced console has to nag on some early adopters.
I'm not going to buy an XBOne until there is a strong game library for it, but the controller will be replacing my aging 360 one for PC games as soon as they get it working.
Besides, the convenience to recharge them whenever you run out, they also usually have a great life.

Break, it is still possible to recharge batteries by directly controlling, using power supplied by USB.
Because of a little known surprise that I can plug in my controller to my regular phone charger (also micro-USB) to keep it charged right at my end table. They are less than half the cost, last a long time in the controller, and I can use them in anything I want.
4 batteries + recharger is less than $10 and solves the issue here plus I can use those batteries elsewhere. Would the usb cable included in this kit recharge the Eneloops in my second controller, or do they have to be lithium-ion?
Personally I prefer this route rather than having my controller die on me without removable batteries - which then requires me to stop gaming while I wait for the controller to recharge during long gaming sessions.
One rechargeable can take the place of up to 1,000 regular (single use alkaline) batteries during its lifetime. An Xbox One wireless controller by itself is $59.99, so getting the rechargeable battery and USB charging cable will cost just an additional $15, a savings of $10 over buying them separately. It only goes in one way, and is even simpler than inserting AA batteries, which of course need to be replaced regularly as well.
This cable is very long, at 9 feet, to accommodate living room use, and has a nice charging light on the tip that plugs into the controller so you can see where you're at.

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