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At Auto Revive I treat each job as an opportunity to build and nurture a long term relationship and to maintain your asset value. Auto Revive also Repair & Re-colour your vehicles leather, velour, vinyl and hard plastics. What can be made from all of the empty Red Bull cans discarded by the thousands of fans getting up early to catch the night race? Content and copyrightPlease note that these blogs are the individual views of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of Nottingham Trent University.

A full statement of current NTU policy in respect of the intellectual property and copyright of student work can be found here. By the way, guess whose photo was chosen to be the Fun Photo of the Week at my friend’s blog, The Crumby Mummy? A quality detail will improve the appearance of your car helping to preserve the resale value.
She is going to learn to drive quickly!:) Congratulations on being chosen Fun Photo Of The Week.

She’d probably be a better driver now than most adults…no cell phone glued to her ear!

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